Bodyworker Intuitives

Cheryl Stage, JD, CMT, MIM Massage Therapist

“Like the Rosetta Stone, for those who know how to read it, the body is a living record of life given, life taken, life hoped for, life healed.”    – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The path by which Cheryl chose her current profession clearly exemplifies how deeply and completely intuition leads her life. Her first career as a lawyer transitioned into her second career working with a legal publishing company. When that company wanted to relocate Cheryl to Chicago, they fortuitously gave her a year to decide. So she creatively asked herself, “If I could live anywhere and do anything I wanted, where and what would it be?” As Cheryl looked at all of her options, knowing that she could be happy with any of them, she followed the intuitive choice and decided to stay in the Bay Area and pursue a livelihood with bodywork. This choice allowed her to move from the analytical realm into incorporating the physical and intuitive realms, as well as balancing her life. She studied and developed together the energy work and the bodywork while still working the remaining year at the legal publishing company. Specializing in neuromuscular reprogramming, Cheryl has been now been practicing bodywork for five years.

“I can’t live in the world without doing energy work,” Cheryl illuminates. The integrated Intuition Medicine tools she gained through studying at the Academy provide the conscious framework for all her sessions. “I begin and end each session like a panel, setting up the space, doing a preview, closing with neutral separations, and clearing the space.” Cheryl integrates a great deal of previewing, sending ‘thought-packets’ through spirit-to-spirit communication, and preserves the integrity of her work through intent. Her practice of non-violent communication enables her to focus powerfully on moving and clearing a client’s energy while not being distracted by putting her interpretation on the client’s truth. “Knowing, intuiting, feeling” and grounding are at the foundation of Cheryl’s bodywork, and these tools ultimately enhance the quality and honor of her professional relationship with each client.

Dianne Harvey, CMT, MIM Massage Therapist

“The gentlest thing in the world overcomes the hardest thing in the world. That which has no substance enters where there is no space.”    – Tao Te Ching

Our life experiences often open the doors of our heart to the true path before us. For Dianne, it was a personal foot injury she sustained as a professional dancer in NYC that brought the light in. A downstairs neighbor healed the injury with Therapeutic Touch, and “that experience began my journey to the now. It was as if all points of me in the past, present, and future all came together.” Awakening to the truth that energy can be seen, felt, and moved, Dianne shifted her career away from dance to pursue the use of energy in a healing modality, harmonizing with her spiritual path.

Dianne has been engaged in healing work professionally for nine years, specializing in Swedish Massage, Neuromuscular Facilitation, Deep Tissue, and Shiatsu. She credits studying at the Academy with providing her a direct and efficient route on how to offer her clients a safe and neutral space in which they can achieve their highest healing. “One of the biggest alterations in my work became how I used Energetic Boundaries. Although I always held my clients’ highest healing as my intention, I did not yet have the specific tools that the Academy uniquely offers for healers. Now I hold my own space energetically without interference from any other source. I am able to maintain integrity in my chakras and not merge with my clients energetically. I set clear limits by facilitating the use of their energy versus using my energy to heal. The school has given me a great tool in how to apply total neutrality in my work. This in turn allows for the truest highest good to occur in any session. The session becomes truly about the client’s spiritual journey.”

Acknowledging that she has always been kinesthetic, Dianne understands the power and necessity of using her own body as a tool to help her emerge into her full potential. She advises other bodyworkers pursuing the Intuition Medicine training to connect and work with massage therapists who are also Academy alumni. This collaboration offers a very strong tutorial experience, as well as facilitates the integration of one’s own spiritual growth on the physical level and grounding one’s truth in present time.

Adrianne Mohr, BA ,CMT, MIM Embodied Intuition Instructor

“When my body becomes a safer place to live, I will interact with you differently ... more successfully, more harmoniously, more lovingly, because I bring a body that is living in less of a resistant field, or in a nonresistant field, in relationship to you.”    – Rosie Spiegel

Adrianne completely adores and enjoys her work as a movement specialist, bodyworker, and teacher, and has been practicing professionally for the past 28 years. Her work combines Continuum Movement, Vipassana Meditation, Aikido, yoga, dance, Craniosacral Therapy, and the Diamond Approach. She knew she could heal with her hands from an early age, and would pursue a career in the medical field. During her first pregnancy, unable to feel the subtleties she usually experienced with bodywork, she connected with Francesca McCartney, and when her daughter was 8 months old, Adrianne knew she wanted to continue her work with Francesca and the Academy. Through her Intuition Medicine training, she learned the importance of “immaculate boundaries” and discovered the context in which spiritual healing, conscious healing, and Western medicine can co-exist and coalesce.

Working in hospitals, Adrianne knows that her patients are getting the best medical care and attention while she facilitates the addition of another healing dimension. Aware that her responsibility is “not to heal or fix anyone, but to create the environment where healing arises,” she works with the energetic field in the room, through the intention of love, and leads people in opening to the healing energy within the environment as well as within themselves. Adrianne “focuses on the integrity of what is being called forth at the present time,” often helping patients ask themselves the biggest questions regarding deep-seated beliefs, and guiding them through integrating their surgery, be it elective or compulsory, on a deeper spiritual level. In working with patients suffering through trauma and/or post-traumatic stress disorders, Adrianne helps bring them back into their bodies with energetic healing techniques. “Many bodyworkers are overwhelmed, and not knowing when to stop, often over-heal their patients. The Intuition Medicine tools allow me to know what areas a person is ready to heal, to know what the person’s spirit is guiding for healing, which may be different from the individual’s path of conscious healing.”

Creative energy and leadership abound in Adrianne’s work at the California Pacific Medical Center of San Francisco as she brings Intuition Medicine to the forefront. Breaking new ground in the multidisciplinary approach to patient management, Adrianne introduced Intuition Medicine to the regular case management sessions conducted at the Institute for Health and Healing. The entire patient care team participates, going into meditation, acknowledging and honoring any symbols that arise for awareness and guidance. This represents a powerful expression and validation of medical intuitive healing.

Theresa Lumiere, MA, CMT, MIM  Somatic Therapist

“If you can stand whole in your physical body, there is nowhere on earth you cannot stand whole in your being.”     – Arisika Razak

For twenty-two years, Theresa has been pursing her calling and sharing her talent, “really a gift of God about how I could relate to the body.” She originally considered being a foreign-service officer, but between realizing that the lifestyle in Washington would be incongruent with her own nature, and then being blocked by the universe to find any other type of work, she surrendered to her profession. “This is how I can be in spiritual integrity is to do this work.” Theresa relies on her extensive training in Middendorf breathwork, Lomi techniques, Continuum Movement, Craniosacral-Visceral manipulation, and Aikido in her bodywork practice and teaching.

Prior to studying at the Academy of Intuitive Studies and Intuition Medicine, Theresa found the emotional and physical sensations that she felt as she touched her clients “overwhelming, with no context for it or a way to structure my experience, or even to know there is a choice.” The Intuition Medicine tools provided her with this discipline, in a sense of waking up to the awareness of choice and how to honor both herself and the client in this dialogue with their body. In addition, Theresa found a community of people attending the Academy “who were looking at unseen information,” validating the way in which she had experienced the world since early childhood. The Intuition Medicine training continues to be a foundation and springboard upon which Theresa expands and evolves her practice.

The powerful intention of her work is always aligned with serving the person’s spirit. Theresa is the “translator, assistant, and guide to help my client connect with the spirit in their body. I catalyze, support, and help the person to awaken to their healing energy. People do not often know the language of their own bodies, and it is our birthright.” Clients feel the field of depth and compassion within Theresa, and then are more willing to open up to what the bodywork will bring. “Emotions are information – be with them and do not make them into something else. Asking ourselves or someone else to change is a hostile and destructive act. It creates separation. Be with what is and invite change.” The body is the place for transformation, and Theresa opens the way, helping the client to ground, absorb, and integrate their truth in a sacred space.

“I am touched so deeply by the courage of the human spirit constantly moving towards connection and love and understanding.”

There is a force within
Which gives you life –
seek that.

In your body
Lies a precious gem –
seek that.

O wandering Sufi,
if you want to find
the greatest treasure
don’t look outside,
Look inside, and seek that.

Gratitude to each of these five women bodyworkers interviewed who serve to empower us to embody our truth. Hearing the essence of each of their hearts allows us to see more clearly through a richly jeweled kaleidoscope the beautiful perspectives of Energy Medicine and the vitality it inspires in the world.

By Marty Fuller, BA, MIM. She integrates Intuition Medicine® into her professional life as a management consultant and muse in the corporate world. She is committed to her own path of healing and is grateful for the tools and methods that enable her to awaken, deepen, and align with uncovering, discovering, and recovering her Truth.