Children’s Program • Ages 7 to 10 years old

Photo of children from classWith Instructor Barbara Stevenson

Children are naturally intuitive and have the capacity to understand and develop this valuable way of perceiving and relating to their inner and outer experiences. Being able to interpret the information available to them and then to use energy management skills for establishing and maintaining grounding, life force energy, and energetic boundaries can lead to an increased sense of empowerment, greater resilience with challenging people and environments, and an overall sense of connectedness and wellbeing.

Meet the Instructor

Photo of Barbara Stevenson, MFA MIMBarbara Stevenson, MFA MIM

Barbara’s success as an artist is coupled with a deep passion for teaching and mentoring children, youth, and adults. She has over five decades of continuous teaching experience for ages 4 to adult. As a teacher, her focus is to empower and encourage her students to uncover their dynamic creativity and self-expression. Her process is intuitive, not linear or planned, so new ideas and possibilities can occur. Imagination rules. READ MORE

Children’s Intuition & Meditation Course

Ages 7 to 10 years old 

Using imagination as the language of intuition, each week we’ll be learning about a different aspect of the subtle energy body, as well as practicing age-appropriate skills that are essential to maintaining a healthy system. The emphasis will be on experiential learning that includes guided meditation, movement, expressive arts, and talking circles.

Week 1:  What is Intuition? Ways that you are already intuitive.

Week 2:  Grounding to the Earth – Keeping yourself strong and feeling good.
Meditation Sanctuary – Your quiet inner peaceful place.

Week 4:  Life Force, Earth Energy, and Neutral Separations – Feeling like yourself.

Week 5:  Aura, Chakras, and Color Healing — Emotional protection and healing touchpoints.

Parents are encouraged to ask their child for the practice sheet and explore the suggestions together.

2024 Course Dates

INSTRUCTOR: Barbara Stevenson, MFA MIM

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Five-Week Course • Sundays, April 7 to May 5 2024
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11:00 am to 1:30 pm  •  Tuition: $260
10% discount for siblings: $234
50% discount for Repeat Students: $130

Barbara Andino-Stevenson, MFA MIM • Adjunct Faculty