Intuition and Science: A letter

Dear Francesca,

So often you have said that the work we do at the Academy is a science, and more recently, with your dissertation research and work with other Universities, it has been obvious that you and Academy are on the “cutting edge” of the science of energy medicine. When I speak to people of the Academy training, I try to demystify it by saying it is a very technical, comprehensive model of energy work, and refer to myself has “highly trained,” rather than “gifted” or “psychic”, as these are terms that, in my mind, may cause the average person to hold the ideas of intuition and energy as somehow “out there,” maintaining a separation between that person and his or her own innate wisdom. Despite these efforts on my part, I have thought that this science of ours is, at least to some extent, mysterious, and have kept it so in my own mind, somewhat removed from mainstream “science.”

Fortunately today, attending the first part of a 2-day psychology conference called “Attachment and Trauma in Child Development” at the University at California San Francisco, I experienced a complete reversal of that mindset, and I wanted to share my experience with you.

The first presenter at the conference, an MD specializing in neurophysiology, spoke about the effects of trauma on the human brain. He showed MRI pictures of the brains of children ages 7-14 who had experienced chronic trauma, compared with those of non-traumatized children. He explained many fascinating differences in traumatized children, including a lack of hemispheric differentiation, larger left frontal lobes and increased gray matter in certain areas of the cerebellum. He also said that prolonged trauma caused a chronic increase in levels of the hormone cortisol (from the adrenals), which ultimately resulted in hypersensitivity of the “pituitary, adrenal axis.” I was stunned to find that these MRI’s resembled my clairvoyant images of my own brain (which, as we know, has experienced much trauma in this lifetime). I also realized that this “pituitary, adrenal axis” was the accepted medical term for chakra meridian, and that my own high level of sensitivity could as easily be explained in physiological as it could in energetic terms! Listening to this western medical scientist, I was suddenly awash in intuitive realizations, noticing that all of the research results he described were things I already knew from my work at the Academy, especially from my studies of the Spiritual Incarnation System™ and the Physio-Psychic System™. Only the language differed. I was amazed and proud to see that my study at AIM was not only a scientific endeavor in itself, but also that it was corroborated by a seemingly separate, mainstream, scientific discipline!

As a graduate student in psychology for the past year, I have seen clearly the relationship between many psychological concepts and the material we learn at the Academy. Previously, however, this had always been something I took somewhat for granted. For some reason today, hearing this doctor talk about the brain, I was tremendously impressed by the fact that I, with my Academy training, knew everything that a neurophysiologist had spent years researching in his scientific laboratories. I am so glad that I had this experience, as it truly brought me to a new level of understanding, acceptance and appreciation for my intuition and for the work we do at the Academy. Thank you so much for teaching me such valuable information!

Best wishes,