Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® (MIM) Alumni

Prospective students often ask what they might “do” with expanded intuitive abilities; in short, what tangible benefits they might see in their lives, careers and relationships from the Academy training.

We would rather have three decades of Academy MIM alumni say what the training has meant to their lives. Whether they are healthcare professionals, artists, teachers, scientists or entrepreneurs, each can draw upon their Intuition Medicine® tools to help them be more focused and effective in the world.

Class of 1987

Michael McCartney was the teaching assistant for this course and the Academy Graduate Seminars teacher. Arthur Roshik was also a teaching assistant for this first class and has a private practice in Sonoma County, CA. Amy Schaffer, LCSW, has a private practice in the Bay Area and New York, is a staff counselor, and taught the Professional Tools Seminar and taught the first Teen Intuition Class.

Class of 1988

Colin Chipps is founder and director of the Lexington Psychic Institute in Lexington, Kentucky. Dianna Mercer is Director of the Academy Australia Campus on Great Keppel Island, Australia. Kay McKenzie was Practicum faculty, undergraduate tutor and a graduate seminar attendee for the past 13 years. She lives in Vermont and has a private Intuition Medicine practice. Anne Nacca repeated the MIM class in 2000; she has a private practice in Sonoma County. Irene Young is the photographer who took the photo of the Greek Temple Snake Goddess for the cover of the book, Intuition Medicine: The Science of Energy authored by Academy founder Francesca McCartney.

Class of 1989

Muriel Johnson does clairvoyant coaching in Lake County, CA. Pasquale Malan teaches classes on intuition in Marin County. Beth Marx, D.C. incorporates Intuition Medicine in her chiropractic practice in Oakland, CA. Ian Magnus designed the cover and all the charts for the book, Intuition Medicine: the Science of Energy. Katie Van Horne uses her intuition along with her paintbrushes in her portraiture work and has attended the graduate seminars for 12 years.

Class of 1990

Carla Cassler, LAc, incorporates Intuition Medicine in her Chinese Medicine practice in the East Bay. Christina Cross, LaC, teaches intuition classes in Lodi, CA. Gregor Nelson is a member of the AIM adjunct faculty and a longtime Academy tutor. He incorporates Intuition Medicine into his professional Energy Healing practice and his yoga teaching.

Class of 1991

Poula Caroe has a private Intuition Medicine practice in Arizona. Dani Font has returned to the Bay Area from Germany where she was a University Professor in computer arts; she practiced energy work via email and realized a potential for cyberspace distant healings. Sharon Harp, MFCC combines her MIM with a traditional counseling practice in Napa County, CA. Glenda Jeong, PhD has a private practice in the Bay Area. Theresa Lumiere, CMT has a full-time private practice in bodywork and energy work in the Bay Area; and was the first faculty teacher of the Energy Anatomy Class.

Class of 1992

Dianne Frary, MSW has a full time practice in the Bay Area. Deborah Kremins teaches intuition classes and has a private practice in Maui, Hawaii. Randi Merzon has a full time private practice in the Bay Area. Sheldon Norberg is a faculty member and is a teaching assistant and undergraduate student tutor. Sheldon combines Chinese Medicine with Intuition Medicine and has a full-time practice in the Bay Area specializing in energy clearing of home and office spaces.

Class of 1993

Liane Angus, Lic. Ac., combines Intuition Medicine and Chinese Medicine in her Bay Area practice. Dr. Julie Ireland finds communicating to the spirit of her patients vital in her medical practice in Los Angeles, CA. Adrianne Mohr, CMT was the Medical Intuitive in the Health & Healing Clinic of California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, CA.

Class of 1994

Yvette Kaufman, CMT has a bodywork and intuitive consultation practice in Marin County. Mary Swanson has a full time private practice and school in the Bay Area and Vermont. Carol LaDue, CMT combines bodywork with her Intuition Medicine energy work in the Bay Area.

Class of 1995

Deborah Bellings-Kee, a former intuitive attorney is now combining Intuition Medicine with her traditional counseling practice; as well is a medical intuitive on the staff of TranceDentist a dental spa, in the Bay Area. Elizabeth Fay is a Naturopathic Doctor who integrates Intuition Medicine with her ND work. Paul Jones has a full-time (Spanish & English-speaking) practice in San Francisco, CA. Marie Seger teaches intuition seminars and has a private practice in the Bay Area.

Class of 1996

Jane Karras has a private Intuition Medicine practice on the East Coast. Ann McCluskey-Farr is teaching Spirit Medicine seminars in Boston, MA with Ed Mills (MIM Class of 1999) and also incorporates Intuition Medicine with her psychiatric nurse practice. Marilyn Pope has a full-time practice in Nevada City, CA. Kurt Wagner created Manifest! For Gay Men, an intuitive school in San Francisco, CA.

Class of 1997

Dr. Pamela Bradley is an Academy faculty member who taught the California Psychological Inventory class for many years. Dia North has a private practice in Intuition Medicine and authored The Smart Spot. Maria Owl combines intuitive and shamanistic work in her private practice.

Class of 1998

Marlon Bradley is a faculty teacher and has a private practice in the Bay Area and Washington State. Jane Hogan was the Medical Intuitive at Hill Park Clinic in Petaluma, CA and now has a practice in Oregon. Anna MacKinnon is a faculty teacher and has a private practice in Marin County, CA. Christopher Miles is a tutor and adjunct faculty, and has a private practice in the Bay Area. Terry Tenzing is a faculty teacher and the Children's Intuition Class teacher. Gina Vucci is a faculty counselor; she facilitates intuition seminars with author Shakti Gawain.

Class of 1999

John Keys combines Intuition Medicine in his acupressure work; and was a research assistant in a National Institute of Health distant healing project at California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA. Ed Mills holds seminars with Ann McCluskey-Farr (MIM Class of 1996) on the East Coast and has a private practice called Spirit Medicine in Boston and Marin County; he is an adjunct faculty member. Ed Porter is adjunct faculty and is in private practice as a counselor and intuitive business coach in the Bay Area. Lucinda Rice has a private coaching practice in Marin County, is a faculty counselor. Chrystyne Sisk is a past elective seminar teacher, teaching assistant, tutor; and has a private practice in Oregon. Cheryl Stage, CMT combines Intuition Medicine with her bodywork practice.

Class of 2000

Kaye Fleming has a practice in the Bay Area called Sanctuary: Intuitive Consultations for Home and Spirit. Jessica Grace, CMT combines her MIM with her doula and bodywork practice. Anna Haight has an Intuition Medicine private practice and is the creator of the Alumni group email. Jane Hurford has a private practice in Marin County. Susie Laurenson-Shipley is adjunct faculty, counselor, co-teaches the Teen Intuition Class and has a private MIM practice in Sonoma County, CA. Adele Maze combines Intuition Medicine with her art in her Bay Area practice called HeART Work. Janna Raye is adjunct faculty and has a Bay Area practice called, Stratagems: Transforming the Energy and Information Structures of Modern Business. Will Shipley is faculty teacher, faculty counselor, co-teaches the Teen Intuition Class, and has a private practice in Sonoma County. Lisa Strouse has a private practice in Sonoma County.

Class of 2001

Janet Duncan has a private Intuition Medicine practice in Marin County; she is the graphic artist who did the design work for the book, Intuition Medicine: the Science of Energy; and for previous Academy Journals. Roberta Friedman is a teaching assistant, tutor, Practicum faculty member and has a private Intuition Medicine practice. Carolina Mariposa is a teaching assistant and tutor, Practicum faculty member; and has a private Intuition Medicine practice. Elizabeth Zima is a tutor, and has a private practice as an intuitive animal communicator (neigh, woof, meow).

Class of 2002

Warren Bellows, Lic. Ac. is a nationally known golden-needle acupuncture teacher and co-author of Floral Acupuncture: Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites, a book on acupuncture and flower essences; and is adjunct faculty. Kathy Brown incorporates her Intuition Medicine in her career as assistant policewoman to the chief of police in San Francisco. Craig Caddell incorporates Intuition Medicine into his coaching business. Marty Fuller incorporates Intuition Medicine into a private practice of business coaching and counseling. Dianne Harvey incorporates Intuition Medicine into a private practice of bodywork and counseling.

Class of 2003

Melissa Patterson, ND is the faculty teacher of Anatomy & Healing; she has a private medical practice and is the director of the Consciousness Program at New College California. Kirk Hurford has a private Intuition Medicine practice. Carol Spence is a ThD candidate in the Medical Intuitive program at Holos University. Alexandra Nicholson has a private Intuition Medicine practice teaching at Evo Spa in the Bay Area. Veronica Avanozian, CMT combines her MIM with bodywork in her practice, and co-authored a paper in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine entitled “Biofield Perception: A series of pilot studies with cultured human cells,” which noted her insights as a test subject and Medical Intuitive. Lisa Hoffman is a tutor, Practicum faculty member and has a private Intuition Medicine practice. Judith Tolson is an Advisory Board member and as co-founder of the California Pacific Medical Center’s Health & Healing Clinic supports the inclusion of Intuition Medicine-trained personnel in her hospital clinic.

Class of 2004

Denise Bendl combines Intuition Medicine with her traditional counseling practice in the Bay Area. Holly Bird combines Intuition Medicine within her private practice in the Bay Area. Lynette Daudt, Lic. Ac. combines Intuition Medicine with her traditional acupuncture practice. Alicia Fawcett, RN combines Intuition Medicine with her nurse-healing practice. Silke Greiner, CMT combines her MIM with bodywork in her practice; and is a doctorate student in the Medical Intuitive program at Holos University. Jennifer Klein, CMT combines her MIM with bodywork. Finola Poynter incorporates Intuition Medicine into her career at California Pacific Medical Center’s Health & Healing Clinic.

Class of 2005

Tracy Richardson combines Intuition Medicine within her bodywork practice in the Bay Area. Angela Norman, as director of a Sonoma spa, incorporates Intuition Medicine into the spa offerings. Mari Coniglione combines Intuition Medicine within her hypnotherapy practice in the Bay Area. Pien Ris incorporates her training into the art therapy work she does with Alzheimer patients. Miriam Moussaioff includes Intuition Medicine within her practice as a counselor and teacher of energy work. Gregor Nelson is a member of the AIM adjunct faculty and a longtime Academy tutor. He incorporates Intuition Medicine into his professional Energy Healing practice and his yoga teaching.

Class of 2006

Ian Garcia has a private practice, Lotus Healing Arts, in San Francisco at Green Path Yoga Studio. Rev. Laurie Adams complements her hospice chaplain work with Intuition Medicine. David Hess, a seasoned actor, is creating an acting class incorporating intuition as an actor’s tool. In addition to his private healing practice, Genergetic, Gregor Nelson is a licensed minister, performing marriage, commitment, and rite-of-passage ceremonies, incorporating Intuition Medicine in co-creating these rituals with his clients. The class of 2006 was filled with artists and business people of many kinds who integrate Intuition into their corporate and artistic work.

Class of 2007

Karen Benke is a writing guide who uses Intuition Medicine when working with clients, and a poet-teacher with the California Poets in the Schools program. Carey Cloyd, CMT, MFTI, combines Intuition Medicine with therapeutic counseling and in her bodywork practice. Anna Corazza utilizes Intuition Medicine in her acupressure and doula practice. Daniela Koromzay, CMT integrates Intuition Medicine into her bodywork practice. Professional Intuitives, John Lavack and Tom Duncan offer distance and private energy healing sessions. Laszlo Kovacs uses his intuition in spiritual healing research and everyday life. Amy Hayes, PT and Karen Elkland, RN integrate Intuition Medicine tools into their healthcare practices. Dr. Lucy Rodriquez uses her Intuition in her pediatric practice.

Class of 2008

Valentina Osinski uses her Intuition Medicine in her professional live performance practices and private consultations. Laura Genoway offers private sessions and distance energy healing as well as a collection of symbolic art and adornments. Abigail McCullough uses Intuition Medicine in her sacred medicine practice and all other areas of her life. Amanda Snow combines Intuition Medicine with her bodywork and therapeutic services. Johnny Calvert offers private counseling sessions and distance healing. Gladys Wong offers distance healing and uses energy healing on her clients during bodywork sessions. Maho Ichimura offers private counseling sessions, sound healing, and vocal meditation. Deborah Higgins uses Intuition Medicine in her Wisdom of Intuition business where she practices Feng Shui and Intuitive Consultation Energy Work.

Class of 2009

Nichole Mullen, MA applies her intuitive training in the corporate world. Christina Chung utilizes intuitive medicine in her real estate business. Clare Meeuwsen, MA integrates Intuition Medicine into her work as a counselor/psychotherapist and career coach. Mary Welty-Dapku’s transformational life coaching business uses Intuition Medicine skills blended with her Martha Beck Life Coach training. Kathryn Smith incorporates her intuitive skills in managing business and personal projects. Heidi-Rose Wright, CMT combines her Intuition Medicine skills and massage therapy with an emphasis on supporting the healing process from drug addiction. Marisa Pouw-Wasserman, MS uses her Intuition Medicine in house clearing and to support self-healing in graceful breath and movement.

Class of 2010

Gerry L Hansen is an executive coach and program manager for the Institute for Women’s Leadership where she blends her Intuition Medicine skills, Executive Business experience and her Training in Executive Coaching. Laurie Williams is a nutritionist and uses whole foods and energy work with clients to enhance well being. Joanna Zlotnik uses Intuition Medicine to provide a grounded space for others to explore their process of transformation and self-healing. Clodagh O’Herlihy uses Energy Psychology/Intuition Medicine meditations and techniques in her practice as a Psychotherapist to guide clients accessing their inner source of protection and grounding. Elisabeth Sorensen is an Executive Director at Oppenheimer & Co. and uses Intuition Medicine to create ease in transactions and her relationships with clients.


Maria Tattu Bowen, PhD uses her Intuition Medicine skills with energy healing clients; with spiritual direction clients; as she trains and supervises spiritual directors; and in her writing about the nexus of Christian spirituality and energy healing. Stacie Vining combines more than 12 years of experience in Yoga Therapy, Rehabilitative Pilates, Energy Medicine, Hakomi and business ownership with Intuition Medicine finding integrated solutions to the physical, emotional and intuitive inquiries of her individual and corporate clients. Joan MacDonald uses Intuition Medicine in her work with urban school educators and in intuitive alignment sessions with individuals.Linda Hartstrom is an experienced executive who integrates her Intuition Medicine skills into her work with organizations undergoing transformative changes and individuals, helping promote their professional growth and leadership capacity. Linda Balestrieri is a Co-active Coach calling upon her Intuition Medicine and life experience to support her clients in creating the life they want to live.


Class of 2011

Kirby Seid is cofounder of The Light Labyrinth Project, a business and research laboratory dedicated to the development of light, sound and natural crystal technologies for the purpose of healing and exploring boundaries of personal consciousness. Vivian Kushner integrates Intuition Medicine into her Nutritional and BioSEt Practice to create sacred space and deeper healing for her clients. Cynthia Mears manages an integrative medical clinic using the Intuition Medicine modalities to hold sacred space for health and healing of the patients and the staff. Connie Prodromou, Lic. Ac. integrates Intuition Medicine into her practice of Neuromodulation Technique and acupuncture to enhance the healing of her clients in mind, body and spirit. Nithi Visessook incorporates his intuitive skills in daily life, music and creative works.


Petra Hauptmann, professional intuitive, teacher, and visionary offers Intuition Medicine healing sessions, long-distance and in-person. Stephen Mackewicz, Lic. Ac. uses his intuitive skills to augment client healings. Nena Atkinson integrates Intuition Medicine in her massage practice to hold a safe and deep healing space for clients. Michele Nocerino Jesse facilitates healing sessions worldwide using Intuition Medicine as well as presentations and meditations with the ancient crystal skull artifact Sha Na Ra. Stephanie F. Blazina is an intuitive, healer and scientist, practicing as a Medical Intuitive in Boulder, Colorado.


Class of 2012

Laura Gates integrates Intuition Medicine with leadership coaching, supporting her clients to have greater insight, self-awareness and effective tools for managing their energy. Paula Albanese-Hanlon has a private Intuition Medicine practice; in addition she uses her intuitive skills in her bookkeeping career. Holly Strother, RN uses Intuition Medicine everyday to create healing in her own life, with her patients and coworkers at UCSF Medical Center, and with her yoga students. Peggy Kincaid, MFT integrates Intuition Medicine into her psychotherapy private practice and into her Conscious Eating for Weight Loss classes and retreats. Nancy Mae has a private practice offering intuitive fertility support and life transitions coaching.

Class of 2013

Jacqueline Chan utilizes Energy Medicine as a physician with patients who are ready to heal at a conscious, emotional and spiritual level of their health by removing impediments to their natural highest resonance. Joe Caccamo is a commercial real estate investment broker who uses his intuition toolbox to foster deeper relationships with his national clientele, to cultivate a more productive negotiating environment and to stay sane in a hyper-alpha world environment. Darby Furth Bonomi, PhD is a consulting psychologist and parent educator who uses her Intuition Medicine® foundation to enhance her work with clients both individually and in groups. Karen Myers is integrating Intuition Medicine to enhance her personal healing and her creative writing. Maile Hatfield utilizes her Intuition Medicine® skills in facilitating in-person and remote healings, and also integrating the skills as an Events Producer.


Jeanne Lim is integrating Intuition Medicine into her marketing career, bringing intuitive decision making into the marketing of technology solutions and holistic health products. Elizabeth Buddington operates a medical esthetics practice where she has integrated her Intuition Medicine skills into her practice to hold sacred healing space for herself and her clients. Claire Riendeau ND, ThD uses Intuition Medicine skills in her Spirit-based naturopathic practice where she teaches clients how to access their own Divinity, activate their own internal healing technologies, and move from a dis-eased state to a state of maximum potential, health and wellness. Nathalie Salles, MBA is integrating her Intuition Medicine skills with her Executive and Team Coaching practice, supporting leaders and teams to manifest powerful results, and changing the world one leader and one company at a time.


Class of 2014

Neda Oromchian, DDS integrates Intuition Medicine® tools into her healthcare business as well as personal relationships. Christa Grenawalt integrates Intuition Medicine® into her creative process as a painter and an expressive arts coach. Jenn Perell uses her uses Intuition Medicine® skills in her business Live Weal to draw the best out of her yoga students, coaching clients and to illuminate purposeful events. Kathleen Ping-Heap of EnergiZe integrates Intuition Medicine® modalities to enrich her practice of personal and corporate transformation, wellness coaching, and massage/body work to help clients align mind, body and spirit. Lisa Geren, MSW has incorporated Intuition Medicine® into her private practice as a Life Coach, Energy Healer and also as a Hospice Social Worker. Karin Hempel integrates Intuition Medicine® into her work as a coach for cancer survivors to hold sacred space and create deeper healing for her clients.


MarcAndre Olivier is a leadership and culture change coach who integrates Intuition Medicine® tools in his work with teams and individuals, helping them reconnect with who they really are and what matters to them. Amy MacWhirter is integrating Intuition Medicine® into her own personal healing practice. Heather McFarlin integrates Intuition Medicine® into her Chi Nei Tsang and Energetic Healing practice, as well as into her creative process as a painter. Dr. Nicholas John All incorporates the tools of Intuition Medicine® and energy modalities in his Wholistic Chiropractic Wellness practice to educate and design a template for wellness. Dina Malay uses Intuition Medicine® to assist family and friends. Andrea Natta, DAOM, LaC uses her Intuition Medicine® skills both professionally and personally to help facilitate balance. Vera Hamady, PhD uses Intuition Medicine® in her practice Colors of Wisdom and in all her creative endeavors. Stecia Saltzman utilizes Intuition Medicine® tools in her practice as a holistic life coach and career counselor. Megan Mckennee, CMT integrates Intuition Medicine® in her personal spiritual healing practice and in holding sacred space for others self discovery.


Class of 2015

Daniel Geren, LAc practices acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine wherein he incorporates Intuition Medicine®. Rebecca Seligman integrates Intuition Medicine® into her own personal healing practice and with her family and friends. Samira Naba Willson, RDH practices compassionate dental hygiene, Reiki and Intuition Medicine®. Jane Schultz uses Intuition Medicine® for self-healing and professional practice of energy medicine. Elizabeth Krasnoff is a Sound Practitioner, using Intuition Medicine® alongside Biosound Healing Technique™ and Heartmath®. Carol Harada incorporates Intuition Medicine® into her body-mind counseling practice, The Fluent Body. Antoinette-Marie Vucci uses Intuition Medicine® for self-healing and in her professional practice of energy medicine. Elaine Stanifer, DPM practices podiatric medicine incorporating Intuition Medicine® for personal and professional well-being. Bernadette Dunham is a high school teacher, incorporating Intuition Medicine® into counseling her students and into a health class on Meditation.


Tim Scherer is very happy to have Intuition Medicine® tools on his mystical journey in Avalon. Barbara Pastorello uses Intuition Medicine® for self-healing and to awaken the corporate world. Stacey Williams compassionate hairstylist, practices Intuition Medicine® with family and friends and in daily life. Kaarin Svendsen practices Intuition Medicine® techniques within her personal life for self-healing and promotes vitality and wellness amongst family and friends. Leyna Roget Brabant integrates Yoga, Mindfulness, and Intuition Medicine® in her work as an Integrative Wellness Practitioner. Scott Carpenter integrates Intuition Medicine® into his own personal healing practice and with his family and friends. Donnette Clarens integrates Intuition Medicine® for self-healing and walking a grounded path. Michelle Veneziano, DO uses Intuition Medicine® skills to heal and assist with patient care and to participate effectively in the evolving practice of conscious medicine and sustainable. Beth Greer integrates Intuition Medicine® in her Healthy Home consulting practice and Health and Healing SpeakEasy™ Salons for Women. Sandra Orellana Sears uses her Intuition Medicine® tools in her work as an artist, educator and yoga practitioner. Hillary Skibell uses Intuition Medicine® for self-healing as well as incorporates it into her integrative yoga approach Breathing Room. Roeene Tyler, CMT practices therapeutic bodywork, craniosacral therapy and teaches Tai Chi integrating Intuition Medicine® to provide a grounded space and deeper healing in body, mind and spirit. Kristin Lemaster integrates Intuition Medicine® into her personal practice, family relationships and health, and space conditioning practice.


Class of 2016

Cindy Storman incorporates Intuition Medicine® for self-healing first and then is able to help others through her Yoga and Modern Way Mystic teachings. Mia Falco seamlessly blends Intuition Medicine® into her practice as a holistic dental hygienist and holistic health consultant. Jenean LaRoche uses Intuition Medicine® for her work in animal communication and self-healing. Dimple Bindra incorporates Intuition Medicine® for healing and helping others through her Yoga Therapy and Spiritual Coaching. Kat Toups, MD uses her Intuition Medicine® training to enhance and deepen her patient care as a Functional Medicine Psychiatrist — she has both an expanded toolkit and an expanded vocabulary to better serve her patients. Beth Zamichow incorporates Intuition Medicine® with Pilates and other forms of movement and exercise in her work with individuals and group classes. Nicole D'anna Beckum uses Intuition Medicine® to create a supportive environment for her clients to learn deep embodiment and joyful erotic expression in her practice as a sexological bodyworker. Anshul Koka integrates Intuition Medicine® in his day-to-day life as an Entrepreneur, Engineer, Musician, Healer and Mystic.

Class of 2017

Judy Slater M.Div integrates Intuition Medicine® into her coaching practice to promote the client's highest good. Malaena Grace Waldman MFT integrates the wisdoms of Intuition Medicine® into her therapy practice, providing a wholistic approach to the healing of mind, body and spirit. Sandra Domeracki RN utilizes Intuition Medicine® as a nurse practitioner to create healing and sacred space for herself and patients. Amy Wasielewski uses Intuition Medicine® for self-healing, to support her creativity as a dancer, and in the creation of her energy medicine healing practice. Alyssa Paris calls upon Intuition Medicine® to inform, enrich and empower her embodiment, energy healing and spiritual development practices. Meg Powell is part of a network of healers at Intuitive Bliss she assists others on their spiritual journey in physical form via body work, energy medicine and Intuition Medicine®. Jill Smith works with a wide variety of energetic puzzles to enable self-healing and a natural return to vibrant health. Michael Brabant PhD integrates Intuition Medicine® into a comprehensive approach towards spiritual embodiment, soul alignment, and purpose expression for socially conscious entrepreneurs that are here on the planet to elevate humanity. Angela Simms RN is an artistic, intuitive nurse living her power and open to the Universal journey.

Class of 2018

Sarah Pangburn uses Intuition Medicine® daily for self-healing, to develop and protect her Higher Self, nurture healthy relationships, and incorporates energy work into her corporate career. Tara Blaker works in the tech industry and practices Intuition Medicine® daily for self-healing and to create healthy spaces when working with others. Olga Gryshko RN applies IntuitionMedicine® to provide optimal healing for her patients, and keeping herself open for infinite possibilities in life. Terry Hatcher is an Expressive Art Therapist and uses IntuitionMedicine® in her private practice with clients and daily for self-healing and the benefit of friends and family. Garret Sanford is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist treating physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that affect optimal health of the body’s systems. Frieda Guercio infuses IntuitionMedicine® daily for creating meaningful relationships and experiences at work and as a tool for continued growth. Mackenzie Hall teaches mindfulness meditation for tech companies and uses IntuitionMedicine® with clients in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Debra Crain registered nurse and modern mystic uses IntuitionMedicine® for spiritual development and healing of self and others.


Hannah Wasielewski uses IntuitionMedicine® to embody spirit in graceful living through her work as a dancer, biodynamic craniosacral therapist, and artist. Cecile Ruby Wong is an artist/designer, mother, and business owner who uses IntuitionMedicine® to bring forth the most positive vibration in all aspects of her daily life. Brandilyn Brierley incorporates energy medicine into her work as a Spiritual Counselor to guide her clients in discovering the infinite depths of the soul. Halley Bass applies IntuitionMedicine® uses the basic principles in her business coaching practice to support soul-inspired entrepreneurs. Dan Burger uses IntuitionMedicine® for self-healing, spiritual growth and to fully embody his spirit and gracefully serve those around him. Elizabeth Stephens LAc integrates IntuitionMedicine® with her Chinese Medicine practice, and also uses it as a mode of self-healing and spiritual development. Mimi Duffy RN uses IntuitionMedicine® with her patients as support on their healing journey; also for communicating with horses. Michael Timothy Bean integrates IntuitionMedicine® to inspire continued presence, creativity, expansion and personal growth. Karyn Holland business owner and integrative yoga teacher uses IntuitionMedicine® to live with more magic and synchronicity in every facet of her life. Talia Eisenberg integrates IntuitionMedicine® as an entrepreneur and systems thinker in disruptive innovation ventures as a catalyst for change. S. Cyndie Cammack RN uses IntuitionMedicine® for personal healing, living in grace and in her work at hospice to create energetically neutral space for trainings.


Class of 2019

Susan Reeve uses Intuition Medicine® in her consulting business to create space for aligned outcomes and also uses it for personal healing and transformation. Beth Law uses Intuition Medicine® living in grace and walking a grounded path to fulfill a life of joyful purpose. Zena McCartney uses her energy medicine tools to help create boundaries when working in a professional environment and in her personal life. Peggy Fitzsimmons PhD uses Intuition Medicine® in her therapeutic coaching practice to help people navigate life transitions gracefully, with their soul at the wheel. Cathleen Wasielewski integrates Intuition Medicine® with her lifelong self-healing practice to embody graceful living while teaching the esoteric practices of yoga. Linda Hall joyfully integrates Intuition Medicine® into her work educating inner-city girls and is dedicated to a practice of daily self-healing and meditation. Evelyn Hymans incorporates Intuition Medicine® into her depth hypnosis practice to facilitate deep healing. Elizabeth Furest integrates Intuition Medicine® in her personal and professional healing practice by empowering and inspiring individuals to become powerful co-creators of their universe.


Dominique Hawthorne teaches her Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis movement classes from an intuitive place for the highest good of her clients. James Ferrigno incorporates Intuition Medicine® into his coaching practice and for self-healing. Fatima Shams uses Intuition to connect with people in a healthy way and to live a present time grounded inspirational life. Savita Fujii integrates Intuition Medicine® with her self-healing and her offerings as an Intuitive and Spiritual Coach. Sara Shelton Mann integrates her Intuition Medicine® tools into her personal journey and her professional life as a choreographer, performer, and teacher.


Class of 2020

Kate Rohrbach uses her skills for personal healing and self-exploration. Paul Valenti integrates Intuition Medicine® in the teaching of Qi Gong and Inquiry and self-healing. Olga Voronina uses Intuition Medicine® experiential knowledge to guide her clients towards internal and external self-realization. Michelle Sandoval uses Intuition Medicine® in her Health and Wellness Coaching practice. Märtha Lockie incorporates Intuition Medicine® as a Light Guide, creator of a spiritual wellness center, and in creative writing projects. Maya Holland uses her intuition to live a more joyful and purposeful life with healthier boundaries. Sonia Portwood uses her Intuition Medicine® training in her personal and professional life, as a business executive and coach. Sean Eirich uses his energy medicine tools to create safe space, and foster intuition in the corporate world. Eliza Welch Sears uses her tools for healing and intuitive guidance for herself and her family.


Arianna Davalos uses Intuition Medicine® in private practice to empower people to let their spirit be their guide. Armineh Astanbous uses Intuition Medicine® tools in her personal and professional healing journey as a dancer, choreographer, and artist. Becky Shafi uses Intuition Medicine® skills for healing self and others and in her writing practice. Elijah Markstrom uses his skills as an inner compass for guidance in all interactions. Claudia Briones PhD uses the force of Intuition Medicine® in her intuitive consulting practice and consciousness-based brand. Mimi Berkoe uses Intuition Medicine® for self-healing, to enhance creativity, intuition, and personal relationships. Kim Newell Green MD uses her skills for personal healing and to stay grounded and hold sacred healing space as a pediatrician and public health advocate. Danielle Frese LAc uses her intuition tools for personal healing and incorporates them into her Acupuncture practice. And — Abraham Shafi, Andrea Boston, Fayd Shelley, Gitangali Kapur, Janet Martin, Jennifer Linder MD, Laura Wilson, Robyn Eirich, Sarah Perez JD, Steve Kaufman, Todd Boston.


Class of 2021

Allyson Dias. Ariane Olshansky uses Intuition Medicine® (IM) to enhance her practice of Matchmaking and Love Coaching, supporting clients on their healing journey of self-love. Celena Aponte uses her intuition to live in this world with ease and grace. Fred Kelly Aponte born Dec. 2020 is using his experience of IM from womb onward as he grows his brain, body and all kinds of other ways we are yet to know. Chad Davidson RN continues to evolve. Connor Young uses energy medicine to help others move through blocks to uncover their limitless potential in his CrossFit/HIIT, physical therapy, and nutrition coaching. Dazia Sreba incorporates IM into her Medical QiGong teachings, Intention/Affirmation crystal jewelry and self-love healing practice. Derek Janssen uses IM for personal healing and self-exploration. Fiona Flanagan plans to integrate her IM into her study of herbalism. Hanna Perry CMT integrates IM tools into daily holistic healing practice, combining herbal & energetic medicines with massage therapy. Jan B. Weber MD uses his skills as an integrative child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist and as a homeopathic practitioner.


Janine Aurichio incorporates IM tools in Life Styling practice, supporting professional women to live with more joy, vitality and meaning. Jeanne-Marie Cresalia integrates IM into yoga and wellbeing retreats and into navigating the world with ease and grace. Jennifer Barzyk uses IM daily to create boundaries, protection, and heal self, friends and family. Jessica Pumpa runs a mindfulness program for public schools in Novato, CA and has a private Intuition Medicine® practice. Jessica Sclamberg is a hair salon owner using her IM tools daily to provide a positive and safe experience for herself, clients, and coworkers. Julie Nagorski JD is an attorney who uses IM teachings both personally and professionally to radiate her life-force energy so as not to be drained or eclipsed by other people's energy or agendas. Kate Oppenheimer uses Energy Medicine to become grounded, to unleash her wisdom, to attune to magic, and to sparkle. Kathryn Tumm uses IM for self-healing, creating boundaries, and integrates what she has learned into her therapy work with clients. Kristen DeMont uses IM in her pediatric occupational therapy practice and personal healing practice. Kyra Sabini uses energy medicine to better connect with and utilize her spirit’s wisdom and creative potential to form her path in the world. Leslie Dixon uses her tools for self-healing, spiritual growth, and to enhance personal and family relationships. Marco Paredes integrates IM into an acupuncture practice to help self and others reconnect to themselves and their planet. Mark Howes integrates and uses his energy medicine tools to help inspire and support others through their journeys by holding safe loving compassionate space. Natalie Hicks listens deeply to the hearts of others and uses IM to heal herself and humanities collective wounds. Tamara Reimer MFT, integrates IM in Somatic Psychotherapy with an intention to hold sacred healing space for clients’ journeys of self-discovery and spiritual empowerment. Timan Eatherton uses intuitive skills to problem solve in the third dimension. Victoria Collins integrates IM as a personal trainer to ground and facilitate personal empowerment and transformation. Vivian Dai uses Intuition Medicine® tools to explore healing for herself, family, community and the world at-large.


Class of 2022

Alanna Arthur-Chee MA incorporates Intuition Medicine® (IM) as a Life Coach facilitating individuals and groups through journeys of Self-discovery, embodying true essence, trusting intuition and living on purpose. Angie Hinds is a Professional Organizer and Feng Shui consultant who incorporates IM and Access Consciousness together to clear the clutter from inside out. Anne Ornish used IM to find her breast cancer early; she is devoted to supporting women access their inner wisdom and activate healing and higher purpose through sacred embodiment. Ariana Bushati Lepold is an IM Practitioner using her tools for self-healing/personal growth and in her role as a non-profit Director. Corinne Troisfontaine incorporates IM in her intuitive painting teachings and in all facets of her life. Eric Eisen utilizes IM as a self-healing tool, to stay grounded and to be in a state of grace, full of gratitude. Jennifer Morgan loves using IM in all facets of life, as a glass artist she conditions her work with healing energies.


Jennifer Ullyot uses IM to stay grounded and live in present time and to hold space for coaching parents towards a more peaceful relationship with themselves and their families. Jessica Wybenga uses IM daily as a self-healing practice that creates ease for herself and those around her. Kat M. Davis MFT uses IM for self-healing, as an energy practitioner, artist and as therapist where she supports clients finding their true inner compass. Kathleen Lussier-West uses IM to provide a safe and joyful art space for high-school students to imagine and create the art and life they want to live. Kelly J. Patterson uses IM in daily life to be their fully embodied, authentic self. Kymberly Marciano incorporates IM in daily life and Sound Healing sessions, creating a safe and sacred container for her clients to heal and transform. Martine Elizabeth Meyer uses IM to intuitively lead her and her loved ones in listening to their spirits inner voice to guide them in life. Maureen Smith utilizes IM in her daily life for self-healing and to support a State of Grace and presence in every moment. Melissa Feder uses IM for self-healing and returning to infinite possibility while holding space for others on their journey. Melissa Keene-Berg utilizes IM in all facets of her life, which empowers her to help others attune to their life's path and trust their intuition. Michael Solomon utilizes IM to increase presence in the moment, deepening a state of simply being here. Nina Price LAc integrates IM into her practice of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Pauline Canteneur practices IM to connect deeper with self and tap into her highest creativity in the corporate world and artistic pursuits. Rachael Brooke Hoppock uses IM to support people and their animals as they transition out of the physical body and infuses it into her meditation and movement classes. Shalom Mayberg uses IM daily to remain in the flow and in his sound/energy healing practice. Dr. Steve Chee, physician, acupuncturist and Internal Family Systems therapist incorporates IM to heal root causes of “dis-ease” while bridging the physical and the psycho-spiritual. Tauna Turnbull utilizes IM tools to navigate self-healing, space clearing, and holding space for others finding their way to their authentic self.

And — Adam Muhlbauer, Alicia Engstrom, Beth McGregor, Bradley Kovacevich, Cadence Stirman, Christina Deeb, Connie Bailey, Dani Breimayer, Farnaz Khadiv, Jason Comfort, Jes Davies, Kat Davis, Kristen Brooks, Laura Benson, Isabelle Zayas, Maureen Smith, Monika Smith, Nichole Brinkman, Ondrea Vicklund, Rana Rand, Rachel Hoppock, Sara Curcurto, Soňa Cuppová and Valerie Somoff


Class of 2023

Allie Deglomine weaves Intuition Medicine® skills into olfactory therapy sessions and custom perfumes for clients. Allison Devers MD. Aurelia Mukian. Bardia Khadiv. Bonny Meyer uses Intuition Medicine® skills to contribute to raising human consciousness via authorship and business practices. Carole Angermeir uses Intuition for healing and guidance for herself, family, and friends who seek counsel. Carol McDonnell integrates Intuition Medicine® and Functional Nutritional Therapy to support clients in discovering the innate wisdom of the body and the spirit to heal. Casey Deiter. Christina Thelin uses Intuition Medicine® to guide clients across business strategy, interior design and energy healing. Dana Welch uses Intuition Medicine ® to heal herself and others, removing energetic blocks to bring things into balance, to restore health and feel whole again. Daniel Rogers. Diana Martin Del Campo CMT accesses Intuition Medicine® to enhance massage therapy and energy work sessions. Donna DEufemia CMT uses Intuition Medicine® to heal the body-mind system alone or in conjunction with massage and myofascial release. Emilia Buchanan. Gunnar Emery LAc. Heather Noll. Holly Agnes Higgins MBA has an Intuitive Healing consulting practice helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals. Isabel Mize MFT bridges Intuitive Psychotherapy with Intuitive Energy Healing helping clients to heal wounds, deepen self-awareness, and reclaim their power.


Kai Lopez. Kaley Vierck Johnson writer and healer helps people stay empowered using their own best medicine. Laurel Shear MFA uses Intuition Medicine® in her sessions with clients and for personal healing, guidance and inspiration. Mackenzie Cohan uses Intuition Medicine® to guide clients through personal and spiritual transformation, healing and energetic space clearing for homes and businesses. Melanie Platt. Melody Reifler DAOM, LAc uses Intuition Medicine® in professional practice to assist patients as well as for continued personal growth and development. Michelle Gurman. Milo Nicholson uses intuition tools to guide interactions with family, friends, and his work in local government. Mint Willson. Natalie Callahan Worthington uses Intuition Medicine® for personal healing and guidance. Özlem Peksoy Bishop MBA creates connecting nodes enabling choice and creativity via transformational technologies. Sammie Jo Trujillo LAc uses Intuition Medicine® with clients for holding space, discovery of true selves and path to divine purpose in life. Sarah Beckner. Sarah Yee uses her intuitive skills to help clients sustainably simplify their lives through organization. Stacy Ditta combines her medical intuitive ability with Intuition Medicine® to provide transformative healing for her clients and her own soul evolution. Stephanie Mendes Strupp uses Intuition Medicine® to help herself and others navigate daily life with more peace, presence, lightness and self-understanding. Tina Germain uses Intuition Medicine® to empower people through her private practice and writing.