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When my daughter was five I took her for a horseback-riding lesson. The teacher introduced her to the Palomino pony that she would be riding. She stood there staring at this crème colored pony and said, “Where is the black horse?”

The surprised teacher turned to me and said that the Palomino had a pure black son who was back in the stable. That morning she had planned on saddling him up for the lesson but had changed her mind just before we arrived.

The above story is an example of a child using her innate intuition. She used a skill called remote viewing, or seeing from a distance. This intuitive skill is highly developed in many young children, which can make it difficult to surprise a child with a birthday present!

All children are born with their intuition fully developed. In fact, children often rely on the innate human sense of intuition more than the other five senses. Unfortunately, most soon learn from adults and society that the only valid ways to receive information about their world are through an analytical process and the other five senses.

As a former Montessori teacher I heard many intuitively insightful comments from my young students. “What is your baby’s name?” one 6-year-old said to her teacher. No adult in the school knew that this teacher was pregnant and it was no longer a secret! This intuitive skill is clairvoyance, clear-seeing, perceiving energy patterns and information.

The mother of one of my students reported that she was driving down a winding road, when her 4-year-old daughter made a perplexing statement, “Mommy, how did the deer die?” As the mother turned the corner, a dead deer lay on the road. When she arrived at my preschool classroom to drop off her daughter she was shaken by the incident and a little fearful of her daughter’s perception. This is an example of precognition, seeing what lies ahead of you on the road, in your life, the next day or the far future.

Have you ever experienced a child addressing your hidden sadness or pain? Many of our sensitive children who have natural healing skills are empathic or clairsentient. A friend has a 7-year-old daughter who will walk up to her and lay her hands on the place where she is having a headache, backache, etc. This child usually has some soothing words to say like, “It will be okay soon, Mommy.” Or will simply giver her mother a sweet smile while she rubs the afflicted area. This friend told me that her daughter has been doing this instinctive laying on of hands since the age of five.

It is important to recognize and acknowledge the intuitive abilities of children. In this way, they will be able to better incorporate these skills in their adult life. A recommended book to read is Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived.