Ethics Standards for Intuition Medicine® MIM Graduates

“Code of Ethics” image

Ethical Considerations for Intuition Medicine® Practitioners (mp3 audio)

A primary tenet of Academy training, repeated throughout the entire curriculum, is the imperative for ethical and honorable behavior in all aspects of professional practice.

  1. Please carefully read these Ethics documents so that you are practicing your career and the art of Intuition Medicine® within legal bounds and with spiritual integrity.
  2. Listen to the audio of the class lecture on Ethical Considerations for Intuition Medicine® Practitioners.
  3. After listening to the lecture and reviewing the Ethics documents, sign the Ethics Code Signature Form found below. Email it to Dr. McCartney for inclusion in your MIM graduation file.
  4. If you have questions about any of this material, please email Academy Ethics Council member:
    Dominic Vucci  MIM 4  (Class of 1990) •

To be listed on the MIM Practitioners page on the Academy website, MIM graduates must have read, signed and submitted to AIM their agreement to abide by these principles.

Consent form examples and other legal information

Download, review, and modify for your practice.

  1. Generic Client Disclaimer 1 (Word doc)
  2. Generic Client Disclaimer 2 (Word doc)
  3. Generic Form Disclosures (Word doc)
  4. Generic Practitioner Consent Form (Word doc)
  5. Generic Informed Consent Form (Word doc)
  6. Risk Disclaimer (PDF)
  7. Website Disclaimer (PDF)