MIM Graduation Letter of Intention

Please fill out this form to complete your MIM Graduation Letter of Intention. Hitting the submit button will send your responses to Francesca, as well as send a copy to the email address you specify below.

MIM Graduation Letter of Intention
1. Register to déjà vu the upcoming MIM Program. All or some Modules. See website Calendar for dates. (Optional) *
2. Sign-up to moderate two panels in MIM for June and July. (Required) *
3. Tutor two MIM students June to September 30 rotation. The first five-month rotation is required as part of your MIM Internship program. After that time please volunteer to remain on the active tutor list for as long as you like. If you then choose to be inactive let Francesca know. (Required five-month rotation) *
4. Join the Saturday Professional Skills Seminars Just drop in. $50 half-day (10am-1pm) and $100 full-day class (10am-1pm and 2-5pm). (Optional) *
5. Register for the Professional Practice Tools Seminar. Taught by Dominic Vucci, MIM 1990, one Saturday in August, 10am-5pm (see Calendar). This is a great summation of how to use the Intuition Medicine® practice in the world. Completion makes you eligible to TA in the Healing and Meditation classes. Tuition: $100. (Optional) *
6. Attend Business Essentials for Intuition Medicine® Practitioners. See Calendar for dates. (Optional)
7. Attend Monthly Community Education Events. Open to the public. Fridays 7-9pm. See Calendar for dates. (Optional)
8. Attend Wednesday Practicums mentored by faculty. Wednesdays 7-8:30pm. Drop-in. Healing session fee: $20.
9. Heal yourself and heal your community. Continue the love and friendship; create gatherings in your home with your classmates for Panels. Have your Class Secretary set dates for MIM healing get togethers!
10. Be Happy, not perfect. Participation highly recommended! (Give yourself a hug!)