Body of Health Audio CD Set (requires Compact Disc Player)


NOTE: this is a physical product — an 8-disc CD (compact disc) set and requires a compact disc (CD) player. If you don’t have a CD player, instead purchase the digital audio file set (mp3s) instead.

As a supplement to her books, Dr. McCartney has compiled eight hours of teachings and guided meditations. Distilled from classroom lectures and meditations, this eight-piece audio CD collection presents the essential skills needed to access intuitive intelligence and self-healing.

Set contains 8 discs:
1  Grounding is Good Medicine
2  The Aura | Life-Force | Earth Energy Healing System
3  The Chakra System: Physical and Spiritual Health
4  Color: The Language of Energy
5  Kundalini Energy and Intuition Medicine
6  Male/Female Energy Anatomy System
7  Creating Healthy Relationships
8  Intention, Affirmation and Abundance

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