Complete Set of mp3 Audio Downloads


Audio downloads. As a supplement to her books, Dr. McCartney has compiled eight hours of teachings and guided meditations. Distilled from classroom lectures and meditations, this is the complete mp3 audio download of the Body of Health eight-piece audio CD collection.

Contains all mp3 audio tracks for:
1  Grounding is Good Medicine
2  The Aura | Life-Force | Earth Energy Healing System
3  The Chakra System: Physical and Spiritual Health
4  Color: The Language of Energy
5  Kundalini Energy and Intuition Medicine
6  Male/Female Energy Anatomy System
7  Creating Healthy Relationships
8  Intention, Affirmation, and Abundance

Important: about playback/download of digital audio (mp3 files) on Apple mobile devices

The Apple OS manages music/audio on Apple devices via their app iTunes and assumes most people will access the download links via their computer, download the audio files and then sync them across their Apple devices (i.e. iPhones/iPads, etc.).

But if the audio link is clicked from an iPhone or iPad, the audio just plays but does not download to that device because direct downloading via iPhone/iPad is not possible without an additional app that can do that.

So if your only option to access these audio files is solely on your iOS devices (iPhone or iPad), then you need to install an additional app from Apple’s App Store. Once you’re in the App Store, try these search terms: download mp3 audio to iPhone — or — download mp3 audio to iOS. You should see a few choices in the search results. Make sure whatever app you select will download the mp3s to your phone and of course, playback.