First core course, Intuition Medicine: Healing I, begins Thursday, September 7 2023

Tools that have changed my life

“The Academy of Intuition taught me tools that have changed my life. I use the tools daily and I finally feel back to my childlike self after years of accumulating baggage, fear, sadness, and negative energy. What makes this place special is that they don’t heal you, they teach you how to heal yourself. The teaching staff is extraordinary, and they hold an incredible container for safe yet deeply transformative inner work.”

— Graduate Class of 2021 / Program Director on Forbes 500 Best Educator list

Life enhancing experience

“The Academy master certification program was a life enhancing experience in so many ways that I couldn’t begin to count them all. Francesca once described herself as a spiritual mechanic. Twenty plus years later, I'm still employing the tools and lessons daily in all walks of life. Grounding, auras, chakras, spirit guides, healing others, prosperity consciousness ... thank you Academy for enabling me to walk through the world with ease and grace.”

— Graduate Class of 2000 / Musician

Framework for spiritual and personal growth/healing

“The Academy of Intuition Medicine® provides a framework for spiritual and personal growth/healing that in my experience is unparalleled. After completing the advanced studies at the Academy, I pursued other areas of interest (Reiki, Healing Touch and many others) and it never ceased to amaze me how many classes were taught without emphasizing the critical practice of grounding and managing one’s energy which is essential in healing work.”

— Graduate Class of 2016 / Nurse

Class structure fostered a safe and immersive learning environment

“Having completed Healing I and II, I can honestly attest that the Academy of Intuition Medicine®; is a special and unique learning institution owing to its fantastic founder and dedicated tutors who are kind, competent, and generous with their time. I appreciate the unique teaching modality and class structure. I found the progression of the course to be systemically grounded and healthy as we were first taught how to manage, and recognize our energy system to heal ourselves in H-I, then introduced to energies outside our bodies in H-II to further facilitate healing. The class structure (combination of lecture, meditation, lab, panel discussion, and coaching from teaching assistants) fostered a safe and immersive learning environment. Although I always have been a person who is aversive to experiential learning, I now know the crucial importance of lab sessions because there is no other way to learn to intuit energy indeed other than through experiential learning.”

— A 20-year Marriage & Family Therapist

Learning support of the drop-in weekly Practicum...very beneficial

“The Academy teachers are all so compassionate and generous with their time in tutoring students. And combining the live class with the second learning support of the drop-in weekly Practicum was a very beneficial combination for me, especially having been on Zoom I can receive support on the lab experiments. So that was a winning combination!”

— Health-Care Professional

The learning and tools becomes one’s own...the curriculum is masterful.

“I am age 80 and have studied Human Consciousness my whole life. Thank you, Francesca, and the teachers at the Academy, for the skillful tools you have given me, much more beneficial than years of therapy. The exciting and effective thing about what, and how, you teach is that the learning and tools becomes one’s own. The curriculum is Masterful.”

— CEO of International Non-Profit for Educating Underserved Women

Transform before my eyes

“I watched my friend get out of depression from working with a MIM Alum. I saw her transform before my eyes and gain a better understanding of herself, learn the tools to dissolve blocks in front of her and regain back confidence and joy. She had never done talk therapy and I am not sure if talk therapy would have been as effective and efficient for her as it was for her to do energy work.”

— Graduate Class of 2021 / Educator

Learning to hold and ground one’s energy

“The Academy program brilliantly and methodically moves through a series of modules, each building upon the previous, that lay the foundation for understanding and integrating many aspects of spiritual and healing modalities. At the core of each module the principle of learning to hold and ground one’s energy is emphasized, thus allowing the student to be centered and focused and to truly integrate the information that is presented. The experiential learning of practicing healing and energy techniques in class combined with lectures and focused meditations each week allows for students to build and expand their knowledge base and understanding of each principle and technique presented. In summary, I feel that no matter what your level of experience you will leave this program with a more expanded, solid foundation which will prove invaluable whether used for yourself as daily practice or on others in a professional capacity.”

— Graduate Class of 2016 / Health Spa Owner

The program is thorough, beyond brilliant and it works

“The training at the Academy is the ultimate in healing at the beginning, the intermediate, and the advanced level. The toolbox that Dr. McCartney has created, the community that has been formed and the healing that is offered is by far the most in depth and support available anywhere. Personally, I am grateful forever that I have learned to be in my body, not an easy job really, and I have learned tools that I trust working with others. The program is thorough, beyond brilliant and it works. The point here is that it holds Divine Energy that holds you — it takes a village — this is a village; it is of the heart — and the heart heals.”

— Dancer-Choreographer

The best investment I have ever made for myself

“Thank you for introducing me to tools and practices that are helping me to heal lifetimes of karma, energetic blueprints and old lenses of seeing my life and this world. Francesca has done a brilliant job of pulling together sacred wisdom and combining it with data backed tools and practices that create meaningful change in one’s life. This is the best investment I have ever made for myself, and I would highly recommend the program.”

— CMO International Business & Academy Master Certification Student

  First core course, Intuition Medicine: Healing I, begins Thursday, September 7 2023!