What to Expect as an Academy Student

Francesca McCartney PhD, Academy of Intuition Medicine® Founder, President

First core course Intuition Medicine: Healing I, begins Tuesday, Sept 10 2024

Hello, this is Francesca McCartney, founder, and director of the Academy of Intuition Medicine®. I want to formally welcome you to the Academy live campus program which you can attend in-person, via zoom or hybrid. And give you an overview of what to expect in the classroom. First, I’d like to state my intention as a teacher is to guide you in developing and using your intuition in all endeavors of life.

I work with intuition as a given natural human sense. We begin training in a self-healing protocol, and then advance to protocols for diagnosing and healing others through the study of these energy medicine tools and systems:

  • Grounding your body to the Earth to increase health and natural antioxidants
  • Healing of your chakras and how they align to the health of body, mind, spirit
  • Experiencing your Aura as an emotional boundary with correlates to the health of your immune system
  • Discovering your Life-Force energy as your innate best medicine
  • Accessing Earth energy for the healing of physical/emotional
  • Acquiring tools for creation of healthy relationships

In the Classroom

I've observed in teaching this curriculum for decades that in order for you as a student to grasp the material immediately and put it into practice, I need to deliver it to you holistically. So in the classroom, we work experientially, practically, contemplatively and intellectually.

Let me give you an example of how this class flows. We start at seven o'clock — arrive no later than 6:50 pm. I like to start right on time. I begin with a guided meditation. You close your eyes, take a deep breath, and the focus of this meditation is to quiet your mind and slow your body down. It’s about a seven-minute meditation then it’s eyes open, and I begin with a lecture on the topic we’re going to explore in class that evening. There is dialogue, question-and-answer. Then it’s back to guided meditation — close your eyes, take a deep breath, and the focus of this meditation is to bring you into a contemplative space and give you translation tools so that you can convert what we just talked about intellectually into a self-healing protocol.

That’s about a 15-minute meditation, then it’s eyes open. You pull your journal out for five minutes of quiet journaling time. So please bring an empty journal. We have journaling every class and note-taking.

Experiential Lab Sessions

We then take a break and during the break, the teachers rearrange the space into separate teaching sections. We call this portion of the class the “lab sessions”. This is where we teach the experiential tools.

When you re-enter the classroom after the break, we ask that each week you go to a different teacher’s station, and within that station, there will be four to six students, and that each week you choose a different student as a peer partner. This way you gain a diversity of teaching styles and you are able to test a wide range of human energy fields. The teacher will then begin by giving directions, monitor you, and then at the end, talk about how that intuitive tool can be used for self-healing and for use in the regular world.

We then all gather together as a full class where I lead a last dialogue and there is a short closing meditation.

Teaching Style

Let me describe my teaching style. I teach at a saturation level, which means I do not expect you to hear, understand, integrate 100% of what I teach in the live class. It’s way too much information and if you try to take it all in, you will not feel very happy at the end of class. You’ll feel like you’ve burned circuits.

However, I continue to give you information via email the next morning after the class and the email information will be an expanded and deeper understanding of what you learned in the classroom. The emails will be in three categories and in no particular order. One category will be research papers on medicines, complementary, alternative, holistic and analogous meditation, and spiritual practices. All of which will give you a corollary perspective on how other medicines and methodologies are using intuition and energy medicine, mostly using different terms, but meaning the same thing.

The next grouping will be student-teacher Q & A. I’m really big on answering my students’ questions, however, I cannot always do so in the live classroom because we have a set curriculum. So if you have a question, I will respond to you in one of three ways. One, I may answer it. Two, I may say that’s more a personal question that would be better served by asking a teaching assistant at the end of class or, Three, I may say, “great question” — I'm going to respond to it in an email dialogue to the entire class. So I bundle together the best from the past decade of student-teacher Q & A within which will be classroom answers and questions you never even thought of.

The next email grouping will be inspirational papers written by master program students who write a midterm and final paper and I take these papers and sequence them into the classes so that you get a future-forward preview of where those who have gone before you are living, integrating and being creative with the intuition medicine tools. It’s a very humanistic perspective.

So here’s the caveat with the emails — it’s a lot of information. I suggest you create a file folder on your desktop and when you get the bulk of my emails the morning after class, download them all into that file folder. As a student, you will learn which ones are important for you to read for integration before the next class, such as the Q & A: read them all. Regarding inspirational papers, I suggest read one or two, or more, if you have time. The research papers are not critical for integration. However, you do get a good deal of corollary information, especially if you’re in the healthcare profession. Those papers will give you a foundation so that you can communicate with your colleagues in a way of explaining energy medicine and the connection between allopathic, eastern medicine, and Western medicine.

Your Responsibility as a Student

I am a dedicated educator. I have been teaching in classrooms for 40+ years, since my twenties when I began as a Montessori teacher and I’ve taught through various levels all the way up to university. I’m a passionate teacher about the topics that we teach in the academy.

I expect students to be responsible for their learning and to actively do homework during the week, in-between the classes. I call the homework your practice work. Your practice work is taken from my two books and my audio set, so you should purchase Body of Health, and Intuition Medicine: The Science of Energy and the Body of Health eight-hour mp3 downloads (or CD set). This can all be purchased on our website. Those course materials are used for Healing I, Healing II, and Meditation III and in one module of the Master Certification program. You can buy in-class with cash or check (no credit card usage on site at Academy).

Each morning after a class you will receive an email “PRACTICE WORK” with directions for your home study during the week. There will be a chapter to read in one of the books, a page reference for affirmations and a page reference for daily tips. The daily tips are directions on how to use the intuitive tools you learned in class — with your eyes open while you’re interacting in the world. There will be a meditation to listen to from the audio set, and there will be journaling questions. Method: you read the journaling question, you go into meditation and then you write your response in your journal. So that is the practice work.

The Support System

We have a strong support system in the Academy. It is my belief as an educator that the more support a student has with questions, with mentoring, with one-on-one energy systems healing, the better the student will be integrating and living the practice. In each class, there are usually 10 teaching assistants — TA's and they co-teach with me. Usually, three or four of them are senior faculty and have been teaching with me for years and the rest are in the teacher training program (which alumni can join after receiving their master certification). They are all there to take care of you as a student.

This is how you can choose to use the TAs:

At the end of class if you have a question or you need clarification on something or your energy feels awry, please do not come up to me at the end of class to ask a question or for conversation. At that point. I feel like a quarterback on a football team getting tackled, and it’s overwhelming for me.

The teaching assistants are all waiting for students to be proactive, to come up to them and say, “Hey, I have a question” or “Hey, my energy feels off”. That TA will take you into a quiet room to mentor you, do energy healing if you give permission, and put you all together before you leave the classroom.

As well during the week as you’re doing the practice work — if some of this same stuff comes up — be proactive. Contact a TA, and that TA will set up a phone/Zoom appointment session time with you, answer your questions, do remote energy healing, and take care of you. There is no extra fee for this support system. The TA’s love doing it. They’ve all been where you are, and this is their passing wisdom forward.

I very much look forward to meeting you at our class when it convenes. If you have any questions about this overview, please email me.

With good thoughts,

Francesca McCartney, PhD
Academy of Intuition Medicine®
Academy of Intuition Medicine® Online

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