MIM & Alumni Enrichment

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The Academy recognizes the need for students to refresh, refine and augment their intuitive skills, and further develop their professional practices.

Ongoing offerings of continuing education are available for MIM alumni to expand upon what they have learned in the MIM program. These include monthly intensive seminars, longer in-depth courses and special classes geared to intuitive professionals. Continuous undergraduate mentoring and teaching assistant training programs are also integral parts of the Academy experience.

These courses are for current MIM students and alumni of the Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® (MIM) program, or require permission by the Instructor to attend.

Looking for the Business Essentials for Energy Medicine Practitioners Courses with Laura Genoway? 

Intuitive Skills Seminars for MIM & Alumni

The Intuitive Skills Seminars are for current MIM students and alumni. These explorations into “specialty” areas of Intuition Medicine® and related disciplines are presented by our MIM alumni and Adjunct Faculty, and provide opportunities to expand and deepen your personal and professional practice.

One Saturday each month, as noted. Unless otherwise indicated, seminars run from 10am–1pm. See individual Seminar listing for attendance options.

Seminar Fee: $60 | $100
Drop-in; pay on the day of seminar
cash or check (made out to AIM). Or prepay via PayPal online prior to seminar (small PayPal fee applies). Prepayment required for Zoom attendance.

2024 Seminars

MIM Alumni Seminar

Growing the Mystical Brain

Prerequisite: open to active MIM students & MIM alumni only


Dr. Jacqueline Chan, OD, MIM 27, Academy Faculty

Mondays, January 29 – March 18 2024 (Note: one week break between Class 4 & 5)
7:00-9:00 pm PT  • Tuition: $830 (8-class series) • Drop-in fee: $115 per class*
In-Person & Zoom

Class 1 • January 15: Building a foundation of health for the central nervous system. Learn innovative strategies to maintain mental clarity, enhance your intuition and increase ingenuity as we age using diet, nutraceuticals, and nootropics.

Class 2 • January 22: Understanding the physiological effects of trauma, how to assess for trauma and help balance the central nervous system through subtle movement. Setting energetic boundaries for safety and protection according to our inner “no” to prevent future trauma.

Class 3 • January 29: Engage in neuro-regenerative practices to build new neural pathways for joy and creativity. Deep replenishment of central nervous system and an invocation into our deepest “yes”.

Class 4 • February 5: Application of the spine to the brain  through the osteopathic understanding of embryology. Connecting the central nervous system to the whole body and optimizing our central channel.


Class 5 • February 19: Growing the Mystical Mind – embracing the divine grid work and releasing ourselves from the knots that keep us connected to the mind-virus. This is the practice of re-wilding oneself.

Class 6 •February 26: Unfurling the Pineal gland our inner source of LSD. The application of cranial osteopathy to the key organs in the brain: pituitary, hypothalamus, pineal and brain stem for refinement of clairgnostic skills.

Class 7 • March 4: Sensory Perception of the Quantum — opening your ability to perceive subtle energies and spectrums of light beyond that of the physical human eye.

Class 8 • March 11: The Science of bio plasma in the Cosmos and the Practice of Receiving Codes.

*Small PayPal fee applies. Prepayment required for Zoom attendance.


Professional Skills Seminars for MIM Alumni

Anatomy and Energy Healing

Prerequisite: open to MIM alumni only

Connie Prodromou, LA.c MIM, Academy Faculty

Sundays, DTBA March/April 2024
10:00 am–1:00 pm  •  Tuition: $512 (6-class series) • Drop-in fee: $90 per class
In-Person & Zoom (video/phone)

To register for this course, contact the instructor at conprolac@gmail.com
Payment is made directly to Connie either via cash, check or to her PayPal at conprolac@gmail.com

Do you or your client suffer from health issues that you haven’t been able to resolve yet? It has been said that “knowledge is power” so the more you know, the more likely you will find a solution to those stubborn problems. In this class, you will learn basic Anatomy including cell level, organs, glands and systems to get a better understanding of location, function and possible problems relating to them. Studying this information from a Western Medicine and an Intuition Medicine® perspective including how it all relates to the chakras and the subtle energy systems of the body, such as acupuncture meridians will enable you to more deeply understand this information. In addition, the connection between the physical, energetic, and emotional may uncover more possibilities to determine the root cause of the issue, hence leading to a solution.


Through the use of guided meditation, lecture and lab practice, we will look at the physical and energetic anatomy as it relates to chakras and meridians including location, function, possible health issues or imbalances, and their role in creating optimal health or dis-ease. We will use energetic blueprints to become familiar with the energetic frequencies of the anatomy. Some basic aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be introduced to add more depth to the information. Additional suggestions on how to bring all this information together to improve your client intake, assess the root cause of the issues then determine the appropriate energy tools and lifestyle suggestions to help resolve them, as well as to maintain wellness will be discussed.

The last class will also include Muscle Testing training to add to your tools.

This class is open to anyone who has a desire to learn more about the physical and energy body as they relate to health and dis-ease to enable them to resolve stubborn health problems. The information will be presented in a simple, understandable format that can be used by individuals and practitioners alike. Students who have taken this class in the past can re-take it at a 50% discount (contact the instructor).


Ongoing Academy Tutoring & Teacher Training Programs

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Professional Mentoring

MIM alumni volunteer to tutor MIM program students in rotations of five months. Responsibility includes once a week, one-hour energy systems healings or program material tutoring. This mentoring provides valuable internship experience in the art of the professional practice of Intuition Medicine. This is an ongoing program open continuously to all alumni.

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Teaching Assistant Training

Prerequisites: MIM Certification and Professional Practice Tools seminar

This program offers in-depth training in the art of teaching in a classroom. Each Teaching Assistant works on a team with other TAs in the Academy’s Core Courses and one-day seminars. Teaching Assistants learn how to prepare for presentation of material, content delivery, and student counseling and support.

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Practicum Faculty

Prerequisites: MIM Certification, Professional Practice Tools seminar and three-month Internship

Practicum faculty members co-facilitate and supervise the weekly Academy Practicums—evening sessions where Academy students and alumni may review audiotapes of classroom lectures; meet with mentors; discuss and practice their healing/counseling skills with peers; give and/or receive energy systems healings; or spend time in quiet contemplation.

Business Essentials for Energy Medicine Practitioners Courses

Instructor Laura Genoway MIM 22

Laura Genoway BA, MIM

About the Instructor • Laura Genoway, BA, MIM   A small business owner since 1994, Laura has over a decade of corporate marketing expertise. As a graduate of the Academy of Intuition Medicine® class of 2008 (MIM 22), and an Academy TA teacher for six consecutive years, she first began teaching the “Business Essentials for MIM Grads” seminars at the Academy in 2013.


Laura has a private practice, based in Austin, Texas USA, where she offers Intuition Medicine® consultations, Human Design readings, Reiki instruction, and “Soul Sketches.” She also enjoys sharing with other practitioners the basics of starting a business and marketing online.


1 Business Essentials for Energy Medicine Practitioners
Planning Your Practice

Business Essentials for Energy Medicine Practitioners #1 is designed to be a ‘Quick Start Guide’ for opening your professional energy medicine practice. It’s filled with practical information, intuitive prompts, and graphic worksheets that walk you through each step of the process.

2 Business Essentials for Energy Medicine Practitioners
Virtual Business Ease

Business Essentials for Energy Medicine Practitioners #2 is for energy medicine practitioners to learn the elements of creating a virtual business. It covers setting up your website, online platforms, time-saving automations, client communication and social media marketing.

Business Essentials for Energy Medicine Practitioners Bundle
(both courses)

Special bundled price — take both Business Essentials Courses and save!
Course 1 is a ‘Quick Start Guide’ to planning and opening your practice. Course 2 reviews the elements of creating a virtual business with a website, time-saving automations and marketing.

This course is offered/owned by Laura Genoway. Any questions should be directed to Laura.

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