Alumni Enrichment

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The Academy recognizes the need for students to refresh, refine and augment their intuitive skills, and further develop their professional practices.

Ongoing offerings of continuing education are available for MIM alumni to expand upon what they have learned in the MIM program. These include monthly intensive seminars, longer in-depth courses and special classes geared to intuitive professionals. Continuous undergraduate mentoring and teaching assistant training programs are also integral parts of the Academy experience.

These courses require completion of the Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® (MIM) program, or permission of the Instructor.


2018 Professional Skills Seminars for MIM Alumni

Chakra Doctor: Physiology & the Seven Chakras

INSTRUCTOR: Jacqueline Chan, DO, MIM

New dates TBA
7-9:30 pm  •  Tuition: $400 (7-class series includes the 133-page Chakra Doctor Manual) • Drop-in fee: $65 per class
Attend in-person, via phone or Skype

Dr. Chan will address the health needs of your chakras from a holistic physician’s perspective. Many of the symptoms that we encounter as Energy Medicine Practitioners cross correlate with organic physical problems at the physical level. For example, difficulty with mental focus can be a sign of low estrogen in a menopausal woman and also an overly active Physio-Psychic System™.


Also feeling sluggish can be from a lack of our life force energy or it can be low thyroid hormone functioning. First, we can bring awareness to our own bodies and tend to our physical temple. As we become empowered by the awareness of our own physical health we will be able to help our families and clients too.

Classes combine practical advice on diet, detoxification, hormones, digestion, endocrine organs, and cognitive care with a deep understanding of the underlying energetic story of the chakras. We will start with the root chakra in the first class and cover one chakra each class. You will receive two practical health tips for each of the major 7 chakras, one based in the field of Holistic Medicine, the second based in the underpinnings of Intuition Medicine®.

Topics include healthy energetic boundaries, the basics of detoxing, what stress does to our sex hormones, mending the gut, principles in tending to your cardiovascular health, symptoms of thyroid imbalance and what to do about it, tips for good cognitive care for higher thinking and clarity and how to protect our subtle energy anatomy from Wi-Fi and EMF.

There will be self-assessment tools for toxicity level, adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders and sex hormone imbalance. There will be a didactic portion of the class as well as experiential guided meditations and partner healings.

  • First Chakra: grounding, basic principles of optimal health, toxicity
  • Second Chakra: healthy boundaries, hormones for mood, libido and energy
  • Third Chakra: mending the gut and lowering inflammation, leverage your nutrition, empowerment
  • Fourth Chakra: role of exercise in maintaining a healthy heart, heart coherence in relationship, cardiovascular disease and prevention
  • Fifth Chakra: the basics in thyroid function, nutritional support for a healthy thyroid, introducing powerful tools for communication
  • Sixth Chakra: common things that can hurt or help the brain, cognitive care for clarity, how the brain processes information
  • Seventh Chakra: principles of manifestation and protecting your auric field from Wi-Fi/EMF and heavy metals


Quantum Healing and Medical Intuition

INSTRUCTOR: Melissa Patterson MIM, ND

New dates TBA
7-9:30 pm  •  Tuition: $400
Drop-in fee: $65 per class

Online Registration

In this course alumni students will learn how to more fully integrate medical intuition and energetic healing into their life. The course will focus on the study of the interconnection of the subtle energy systems of the body with the intersection of the physical body. Advanced healing techniques and medical intuitive perspectives will be presented to help the student further their understanding of and utilization of deeper healing in their life.


Interconnections of the physical, energetic, emotional and quantum healing perspectives will be utilized to help the student deeply understand healing from the widest viewpoints possible.

Through the use of meditation and panels we will do an in-depth review of the connection of the physical and subtle energetic systems, as well as, how they inter-link in the creation of health and dis-ease. Using Universal Blueprint information each student will be able to refine how to energetically read what is happening in the physical body, especially with regard to specific pathologies (illnesses.) Also, utilizing panels each student will get to practice the new healing techniques and information presented to help the student take the next step in their own personal healing and bring this forward into their personal and professional practices. 


Business Essentials for Intuition Medicine® Practitioners

INSTRUCTOR: Laura Genoway, BA, MIM

New date TBA
1pm–4pm  •  Tuition: $60 at the door, or $150 for 3 (paid in advance)

Discover the basics of starting and growing your professional practice. Topics include business planning, permits, insurance, creating a website, attracting and engaging clients through social media, and more.

Class details and registration: download seminar flyer (PDF)

Professional Practice Tools

INSTRUCTOR: Dominic Vucci, MIM

New date TBA
10am–5pm  •  Tuition: $100 (drop-in; pay by cash or check at the door)

See Calendar for dates for this and other Graduate Seminars.

This one-day seminar is taught by a senior faculty member who graduated in the MIM class of 1990. Learn how to work with group energy dynamics, whether in the classroom, workplace or social situations. With over 25 years of professional practice in Intuition Medicine as a practitioner and healer, this instructor brings a wealth of practical knowledge to this seminar.

Monthly Professional Skills Seminars

The Academy will offer once-a-month Professional Skills Seminars for current MIM students and graduates.These explorations into “specialty” areas of Intuition Medicine® and related disciplines will be taught by our alumni and Adjunct Faculty, and will provide opportunities to expand and deepen our personal and professional practice — and perhaps add some new skills to our energy medicine toolbox.

One Saturday each month
(except August)

All seminars will run from 10am–1pm (half-day), with some offering an optional 2-5pm period (full-day)

Tuition: $50 half-day | $100 full-day
drop-in; pay on the day of seminar
cash or check (made out to AIM)

January 13 • Advanced Meditation Sanctuary • Jacqueline Chan, OD

Half-day with full-day option

This seminar is an exploration of the anatomical unfolding and energetics of the meditation sanctuary originating in embryogenesis from the initiation of life.  Concepts that we will discover and do healing meditations on will include:

  1. The pineal gland and its link to the crown chakra, posterior head area. Presented are the modern day factors that impair the pineal gland such as heavy metals and EMF and healing remedies.
  2. The pituitary gland and its function as master gland of the endocrine system.
  3. The PPS location as part of the Meditation Sanctuary. We will look at factors that impair the PPS:  brain trauma, stressors from an inflamed gut/brain axis, and eye functioning/visual tracts.

The afternoon seminar session is focused on panel work.

February 24 • Pilates Method Training • Elizabeth Larkam

Half-day with full-day option

Recent discoveries regarding the neuro-myo-fascial network inform Fascia-focused Movement, a revolutionary approach to integrating the physical and energetic body. The body can no longer be considered as machine-like, made up of separate parts. Fascia, the largest organ of communication, constitutes the basic structural architecture of the human body, extending from the surface of the skin to the nucleus of the cell. The traditional approach that studies muscles as independent units has been a barrier to understanding the bigger picture of fascia function. Muscles move in relation to one another as a function of the fascial structures that give them form and the proper amount of glide.

During the seminar:

  • View video of living human fascia in motion and slides of body-wide fascia continuities
  • Experience for yourself that, although core training is beneficial, there is no separate core to train
  • Apply Fascia-focused Movement criteria to breathing, posture and walking
  • View case studies demonstrating how Fascia-focused Movement informs aging well, correcting computer posture, improving bone health, and moving well after hip or knee replacement.

Elizabeth’s book Fascia in Motion is a revolutionary guide to Fascia-focused Movement in original and contemporary Pilates mat, reformer, and studio applications. Each of the book’s 14 chapters illustrates how each principle of Fascia-focused Movement is expressed in Pilates exercise. In addition to a comprehensive exercise compendium, Fascia in Motion includes chapters on specialized applications:

  • Aging well
  • Computer posture
  • Bone health
  • Hip and knee replacement

Elizabeth Larkam is an internationally respected movement educator, lecturer and author with 35 years of experience in Pilates and other mindful movement techniques. She co-founded Heroes in Motion an initiative that works with disabled veterans. Elizabeth directed the DanceMedicine program at Saint Frances Memorial Hospital, and the MindBody Center at the San Francisco Bay Club.

Book signing after event.

March 10 • Animal Communication: Are Animals So Different From Humans? • Barbara Reed


Barbara Reed has 20 years of experience as an animal communicator and energy healer. Her approach with animals is to the spiritual and emotional sides, working to understand what causes changes to behavior, what happened in the early formative years of the animal’s life, end of life, and the animal’s needs and desires. During this conversation we will discuss how her training at AIM deepened her abilities as a communicator.

  • What are most clients looking for with a communicator;
  • Looking at the attachments between animal and human;
  • Running energies with animals – how to know when to start, and when to stop;
  • Two way communication;
  • Detecting disease and pain;
  • End of life situations.

During panels we will explore:**

  • An easy way to look at the relationship between the pet and its family members (human and other animals);
  • Reviewing the energy systems taught in the AIM program;
  • Communication with a “being” that is non-verbal.

Please be prepared with questions; this class is intended to be interactive.

**Please note: no pets allowed at workshop.
Bring pictures of all your family pets for our panel work. Hard copy photos are preferred rather than phone pictures.

April 14 • Acupuncture, Intuition Medicine® and Depossession • Danny Geren, LaC, DAOM

Half-day with full-day option

Dr. Danny Geren, L.Ac. is a graduate of the Academy of Intuition Medicine®. He integrates his Chinese medicine practice with Intuition Medicine to treat a wide variety of conditions, focusing on spiritual/emotional conditions, pain management and internal medicine. His capstone for his Chinese medicine doctoral degree was “An Exploration of Treating the Spirit and the Emotions with Acupuncture.” When doing this work, he relies heavily on his Intuition Medicine® skills and training.

  • Chinese medicine overview of possession by entities and other people’s energy
  • Review of the Spiritual Incarnation System™ and overlap with the eight extraordinary vessels
  • Acupuncture Treatments: The Seven External and Seven Internal Dragons, Chong Mai
  • Combining Acupuncture with Intuition Medicine® for depossession
  • Tips for working with entities and OPE in the SIS
May 12 • The Tarot as Spiritual Consultation • Andrea Natta, LaC, DAOM

Half-day with full-day option

Bring a tarot deck if you have one, as we explore the basics of tarot card reading and how to use the tarot as a tool for spiritual consultation. Topics will include:

  • Choosing a deck
  • Preparing for a reading
  • Formulating a question
  • Different spreads

The morning will be spent exploring the meaning behind the 78 cards, and how placement affects meaning.

The afternoon will be spent exploring different ways we can consult the cards through exercises and experimentation, and be focused on readings with different topics like:

  • Use the background to answer the person’s question
  • Use a figure in the card to read the person
  • Use an object in the card to answer the question
  • Use any words or numbers on the card to read the person
  • Use the card in its entirety to answer the person’s question
  • If the card is upside down, read as if the energy of the card is blocked
  • If the card is upside down, read as if he energy of the card is not fully manifested
June 16 • Sound Medicine: Ease Your Journey • Elizabeth Krasnoff

Half-day with full-day option

10-1pm – Discussion: Sound, Heart Awakening and Self Soothing
2-5pm – Workshop Experiential: try out the techniques and tools for yourself

Why Sound?

It’s hard to tune yourself when you don’t know what being tuned up feels like. I will share with you how I practice tuning my energetic body and my nervous system using the Biosound® therapy system, organic sound, Academy of Intuition Medicine® techniques (Grounding, Life Force, Meditation Sanctuary) and Heartmath®.

The nervous system is the core of our conscious beingness as humans. It is what gives us dominion or caretaker status on this planet. It is our connection to essence and non-physical being. In short, this is an important portal to maintain and nurture. In my practice, I have seen how effective sound and meditation techniques are at communicating with and calming our nervous system.

In this workshop we will focus on “Heart Awakening” and “Self Soothing”.

Why Heart Awakening?

Our nervous system has two main organs, our heart and our brain. Heartmath® has published peer review studies establishing the heart-brain connection and showing that the heart is the lead organ in this duo. Therefore the first step of this process is to open and become aware of your heart. The second step is to align and connect your heart and your brain. This alignment, when heart and brain are talking and guiding your nervous system in collaboration, is called coherence in the Heartmath System, or state of grace in the Acadamy of Intuition Medicine® system. A state of coherence, or grace, allows access to your full intuitive and healing powers, gives you resilience, a strong immune system, vitality and longevity, and anchors your feelings of compassion and love.

In my sound practice, I start with 20 minutes of sound alignment to create a receptive state. Then I use Heartmath® HRV (heart rate variability) and coherence diagnostics to visually map the grounding process of our chakras and various organs. As the “out of alignment” energetic is found, and brought back into alignment, coherence appears on the screen. In other words, your heart now has the support it needs to run the show. In that moment, it is possible to memorize what “being in tune” for that chakra or organ or system feels like. That newly felt and memorable balance can be recalled and restored at any time now.

Why Self Soothing?

For all of us, and especially for highly sensitive people (HSP), civilization is a jarring, even wounding experience. And our laser-fast technological advancements, miraculous and even life-saving as they can be, are a challenge for our nervous systems on several levels. Just to broadly name a few categories, the environmental toxins of the Industrial Age have fed and bred a host of formidable viruses. These viruses live in our nervous system and wreak havoc. We are having an anxiety epidemic and haven’t figured out why yet — one part of how we can help is soothing. Secondly the millions of frequencies we are now exposed to from dirty electricity to satellite communication to microwaves to cell phones to every manner of communication device — these all penetrate our energetic and physical systems daily. The natural frequencies that we thrive in, such as the Schumann frequency, are only found in nature. We live distracted and disconnected from our life giving rhythms.

In my practice, I create an essential daily check-in where I use sound to soothe my nervous system, tune myself to a calm place and regain balance. There are many ways to do this. Toning with a crystal bowl, tuning with your own vocals, or resting on a vibro acoustic sound bed and listening to music, adding binaural beats which synchronize the left and right brain hemispheres, and selecting frequencies which put you in a desired brain state (delta, theta, alpha or beta). This is helpful when you do not have access to a walk in nature (which does the same tuning/healing), or are too tired or just unable to walk. Other reasons to enjoy sound healing are: if you are an auditory learner, or perhaps clairaudient, or perhaps just love music.

In short we will look at heart awareness and self soothing, and ways to get there using tuning and toning with the natural human body, instruments, and technologies such as Biosound®, Heartmath® and the Acadamy of Intuition Medicine® systems.

July 21 • Subtle Energy Biofeedback Using Gas Discharge Visualization Device with Intuition Medicine® • Anna Haight



September 8 • The Interconnectedness of Acupuncture Meridians, Chakras, Emotions • Connie Prodromou, LAc

Half-day with full-day option

Connie Prodromou, LAc, MSTCM, MIM, Medical Intuitive presents a general awareness of Acupuncture meridians, the Five Elements and their qualities as they may relate to Chakras and the energy body. She integrates this information into her practice to enhance her sessions. Similar to studying Anatomy to help Intuition Medicine® practitioners, learning the general location and qualities of the meridians and the Five Element relationships can also improve the practitioner’s effectiveness. You will learn:

  • The general location and flow of Acupuncture meridians and the organs and functions they represent.
  • The emotions related to these meridians and how they may present as symptoms.
  • Season, color, smell, taste and other meridian characteristics that can affect a client’s health.
  • How to use this information in spirit-to-spirit communication.
  • How imbalances in the 5 Element interrelationships can manifest as health issues.
  • How to integrate this information into your sessions to help rebalance the client’s energy and restore health.
October 27 • Space Clearing of Home & Office • Christopher Miles



November 3 • End of Life/Energy Medicine Training • Tamara Shearer, RN / Lisa Geren, Hospice Caregiver / Holly Strother, RN



December 1 • Botanical Medicine: Aromatherapy, Flower Remedies, Essential Oils • Robin Lander


Botanical Medicine: Combining Aromatherapy and Energy Medicine

Robin Lander, MIM, clinical aromatherapist, herbalist, wellness educator, and botanical formulator combines aromatherapy and Intuition Medicine® in her practice to help individuals restore balance and harmony in mind, body, and spirit.

In this aromatic workshop we will cover:

  • How to integrate essential oils and other plant remedies into your own healing, or your work with clients.
  • Working with the spirit and energy of plants, and calling them in for assistance.
  • How certain essential oil aromas can help release deep-seated emotions or blockages, offer clarity, and inspire transformation, allowing the spirit to inhabit the body more fully.
  • Giving recommendations for use, including best methods and dilution ratios.

Ongoing Academy Tutoring and Teacher Training Programs

Professional Mentoring

Alumni volunteer to tutor MIM program students in rotations of five months. Responsibility includes once a week, one-hour energy systems healings or program material tutoring. This mentoring provides valuable internship experience in the art of the professional practice of Intuition Medicine. This is an ongoing program open continuously to all alumni.

Teaching Assistant Training

Prerequisites: MIM Certification and Professional Practice Tools seminar

This program offers in-depth training in the art of teaching in a classroom. Each Teaching Assistant works on a team with other TAs in the Academy’s Core Courses and one-day seminars. Teaching Assistants learn how to prepare for presentation of material, content delivery, and student counseling and support.

Practicum Faculty

Prerequisites: MIM Certification, Professional Practice Tools seminar and three-month Internship

Practicum faculty members co-facilitate and supervise the weekly Academy Practicums—evening sessions where Academy students and alumni may review audiotapes of classroom lectures; meet with mentors; discuss and practice their healing/counseling skills with peers; give and/or receive energy systems healings; or spend time in quiet contemplation.