Alumni Enrichment

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The Academy recognizes the need for students to refresh, refine and augment their intuitive skills, and further develop their professional practices.

Ongoing offerings of continuing education are available for MIM alumni to expand upon what they have learned in the MIM program. These include monthly intensive seminars, longer in-depth courses and special classes geared to intuitive professionals. Continuous undergraduate mentoring and teaching assistant training programs are also integral parts of the Academy experience.

These courses are for current MIM students and alumni of the Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® (MIM) program, or require permission by the Instructor to attend.

Monthly Intuitive Skills Seminars

The Academy offers monthly Intuitive Skills Seminars for current MIM students and alumni.

These explorations into “specialty” areas of Intuition Medicine® and related disciplines are taught by our MIM alumni and Adjunct Faculty, and provide opportunities to expand and deepen your personal and professional practice — and perhaps add some new skills to your energy medicine toolbox.

One Saturday each month, as noted.

Unless otherwise indicated, seminars run from 10am–1pm. Attending Saturday Seminars via Phone-In is an option. Email for more info.

Tuition: $50 | $100
drop-in; pay on the day of seminar
cash or check (made out to AIM, unless noted otherwise). Or prepay via PayPal online prior to seminar.

2020 Seminars

November 14 • Soul Retrieval • Dominic Vucci MIM

10am to 1pm • tuition: $50

About Instructor

Topics covered:

  • Welcoming back our exiled parts
  • Holding sacred space for self
  • Integrating with forgiveness and self-compassion

*Pay Instructor directly with cash or check at the seminar. For online credit card payment using Cash App or Venmo, email Dominic at

November 21 • State of Grace • Dee Merz, MIM

10am to 1pm • tuition: $50

About Instructor

Heal, resolve and transform the blocks that keep you from living life “Your Way”.

Who we were born as is a basic blueprint upon which we paint life experiences. Part of that blueprint is the gift of intuition, which we can use to break down limitations that we put upon ourselves as we move through life. Our responsibility as a person on a healing path is to understand these limitations and to break from them so we can live in the truly inspired light within, with a State of Grace (SOG). This seminar will focus on five major patterns that block us from being who we are truly meant to be.

Morning Session: State of Grace (SOG):

  • What is a State of Grace?
  • How can living in a SOG effect my life?
  • What are the major blocks/triggers that keep you from living in a SOG?
  • How does Original Essence Energy reflect a SOG in your life?
  • Guidance to maintain living in a State of Grace

Afternoon Session:

  • Panels with a focus: Healing, resolving and transforming into a State of Grace

*Pay Instructor directly with cash, check or Venmo at the seminar. To pay via credit card using Venmo, email Dee at

December 12 • Anti-Aging • Jacqueline Chan, OD, MIM

10am to 1pm • tuition: $50

About Instructor

Reveal to your inner wisdom the shifts in patterning now that need to be made to optimize your future health and longevity. During this seminar, we will look at physical, energetic and spiritual issues that pertain to healthy aging.

At a physical level, these consist of diet, nervous system balance, endocrine health and thwarting degenerative diseases. At an emotional level, these consist of our overall mental health and at a divine level opening up our wisdom selves to help us with direct guidance so that we can be resilient as we age.

Yearly Professional Skills Seminars for MIM Alumni

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Chakra Doctor: Physiology & the Seven Chakras

INSTRUCTOR: Jacqueline Chan, DO, MIM  [ABOUT]

2021 dates TBA
7-9:30 pm  •  Tuition: $400 (7-class series includes the 133-page Chakra Doctor Manual) • Drop-in fee: $65 per class
In-Person, Zoom (video/phone), or Skype

Dr. Chan will address the health needs of your chakras from a holistic physician’s perspective. Many of the symptoms that we encounter as Energy Medicine Practitioners cross-correlate with organic physical problems at the physical level. For example, difficulty with mental focus can be a sign of low estrogen in a menopausal woman and also an overly active Physio-Psychic System™.


Also feeling sluggish can be from a lack of our life force energy or it can be low thyroid hormone functioning. First, we can bring awareness to our own bodies and tend to our physical temple. As we become empowered by the awareness of our own physical health we will be able to help our families and clients too.

Classes combine practical advice on diet, detoxification, hormones, digestion, endocrine organs, and cognitive care with a deep understanding of the underlying energetic story of the chakras. We will start with the root chakra in the first class and cover one chakra in each class. You will receive two practical health tips for each of the major 7 chakras, one based in the field of Holistic Medicine, the second based in the underpinnings of Intuition Medicine®.

Topics include healthy energetic boundaries, the basics of detoxing, what stress does to our sex hormones, mending the gut, principles in tending to your cardiovascular health, symptoms of thyroid imbalance and what to do about it, tips for good cognitive care for higher thinking and clarity and how to protect our subtle energy anatomy from Wi-Fi and EMF.

There will be self-assessment tools for toxicity level, adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders, and sex hormone imbalance. There will be a didactic portion of the class as well as experiential guided meditations and partner healings.

  • First Chakra: grounding, basic principles of optimal health, toxicity
  • Second Chakra: healthy boundaries, hormones for mood, libido and energy
  • Third Chakra: mending the gut and lowering inflammation, leverage your nutrition, empowerment
  • Fourth Chakra: role of exercise in maintaining a healthy heart, heart coherence in relationship, cardiovascular disease, and prevention
  • Fifth Chakra: the basics in thyroid function, nutritional support for a healthy thyroid, introducing powerful tools for communication
  • Sixth Chakra: common things that can hurt or help the brain, cognitive care for clarity, how the brain processes information
  • Seventh Chakra: principles of manifestation and protecting your auric field from Wi-Fi/EMF and heavy metals


Anatomy & Healing Diagram

Anatomy & Energy Healing

Prerequisite: open to active MIM students & MIM alumni only (by permission of instructor)

INSTRUCTOR: Connie Prodromou LAc, MIM  [ABOUT]

Mondays, March 1 – April 12 2021
7-9:30 pm  •  Tuition: $400 (7-class series)
Drop-in fee: $65 per class
In-Person & Zoom (video/phone)

To register for this course, contact the instructor at
Payment is made directly to Connie either via cash, check, or to her PayPal at

Do you or your client suffer from health issues that you haven’t been able to resolve yet? It has been said that “knowledge is power” so the more you know, the more likely you will find a solution to those stubborn problems. In this class, you will learn basic Anatomy including cell level, organs, glands, and systems to get a better understanding of location, function, and possible problems relating to them.


Studying this information from a Western Medicine and an Intuition Medicine® perspective including how it all relates to the chakras and the subtle energy systems of the body, such as acupuncture meridians will enable you to more deeply understand this information. In addition, the connection between the physical, energetic, and emotional may uncover more possibilities to determine the root cause of the issue, hence leading to a solution

Some of the most common illnesses will also be studied from Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Intuition Medicine® perspectives including symptoms, causes, and treatments to get a broader understanding of possible causes and subsequent solutions using energy medicine tools.

Through the use of guided meditation, lecture, and lab practice, we will look at the physical and energetic anatomy as it relates to chakras and meridians including location, function, possible health issues or imbalances, and their role in creating optimal health or dis-ease. We will use energetic blueprints of a diseased person vs. a highest healed person to become familiar with the similarities and differences. Some basic aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be introduced to add more depth to the information. Additional suggestions on how to bring all this information together to improve your client intake, assess the root cause of the issues then determine the appropriate energy tools and lifestyle suggestions to help resolve them, as well as to maintain wellness will be discussed.

This class is open to anyone who has a desire to learn more about the physical and energy body as they relate to health and dis-ease to enable them to resolve stubborn health problems. The information will be presented in a simple, understandable format that can be used by individuals and practitioners alike.


Ongoing Academy Tutoring & Teacher Training Programs

Professional Mentoring

MIM alumni volunteer to tutor MIM program students in rotations of five months. Responsibility includes once a week, one-hour energy systems healings or program material tutoring. This mentoring provides valuable internship experience in the art of the professional practice of Intuition Medicine. This is an ongoing program open continuously to all alumni.

Teaching Assistant Training

Prerequisites: MIM Certification and Professional Practice Tools seminar

This program offers in-depth training in the art of teaching in a classroom. Each Teaching Assistant works on a team with other TAs in the Academy’s Core Courses and one-day seminars. Teaching Assistants learn how to prepare for presentation of material, content delivery, and student counseling and support.

Practicum Faculty

Prerequisites: MIM Certification, Professional Practice Tools seminar and three-month Internship

Practicum faculty members co-facilitate and supervise the weekly Academy Practicums—evening sessions where Academy students and alumni may review audiotapes of classroom lectures; meet with mentors; discuss and practice their healing/counseling skills with peers; give and/or receive energy systems healings; or spend time in quiet contemplation.