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The Academy Online Journal contains articles written by faculty, graduates, and students on topics related to the study of intuition, meditation and energy medicine.

Prospective students often ask what they might “do” with expanded intuitive abilities; in short, what tangible benefits they might see in their lives, careers and relationships from the Academy training. We would rather have three decades of Academy alumni say what the training has meant to their lives. READ MORE

If you would have told me, when I was younger, that I would be practicing Intuition Medicine® in my mid-thirties, I would have told you to take that voodoo nonsense and sell it to someone else. It wasn’t as if I was closed off to notions of psychic/ paranormal/intuitive phenomena, but it always remained something outside of me to simply stare in wonder and fascination. The realm of intuition was not something that was very inviting, but at the same time I came to recognize that there was a call within me to delve into this intuitive stuff.  READ MORE

Energy Medicine: Perspectives of a Physician Mystic • Dr. Jacqueline Chan DO

Most people walk into the doctor’s office seeking a physical examination, blood pressure check, x-ray or other medical imaging, lab work and a prescription. The body is managed as a mechanistic organism; its functions are measured and treatment (frequently pharmaceutical) is administered. Yet there is something amiss in modern medicine. We are being “shortened” in our quality of life by chronic degenerating diseases.
— Excerpted from Dr. Chan’s article appearing in the Nov-Dec 2019 issue of Energy Medicine magazine.

The idea of intuition is increasingly used in discussions about business management and decision-making, sometimes as if it were a new concept. But it is hardly so. A manager in the days before the Internet had little choice but to use intuition — the raw data simply was not accessible. Often, “a hunch” was all there was. Today, so much data is available that the inverse is true. In mere seconds, we can summon enough data to support any decision we want to make, good or bad. Sorting through this flood of data makes the use of intuition more crucial than ever. Are we back to the idea of a hunch?   READ MORE

A black-and-white photo collage hangs on a wall in the main room of the Academy. It shows the faces of the alumni of the Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® class of 1985. One of the photographs is of Anne Nacca, who returned to audit the MIM program after 15 years. We caught up with Anne the other day and asked for her perspective on the Academy.   READ MORE

Energy Medicine: Practical Application of Ancient Wisdom. Energy medicine is the ancient wisdom inside each human being. It is a bioelectric-based natural intelligence with a magnetic pull directing living organisms toward health. Any deviation from this innate attraction to grounded wellness creates disease.   READ MORE

Many students have now had exposure to AIM Faculty member Dr. Pamela Bradley, through discussion of the ongoing Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) research at the Academy, or by attending her seminar on understanding personality through the California Psychological Inventory (CPI). In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the person behind the research and get interesting insight on how Dr. Bradley incorporates her training in the Intuition Medicine® program to compliment her clinical research, teaching and practice.   READ MORE

When I first began taking classes in Intuition Medicine at the Academy, I would often find myself in tears at the beginning of each meditation. An instruction given at the beginning of each meditation asks that we bring our attention into our intuitive center and greet our spiritual “soul.” This simple act of acknowledging my spiritual self had a profoundly moving effect upon me.   READ MORE

Last November, I took the plunge and attended a “Gateway Voyage” program at the Monroe Institute in Virginia. Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, TMI is dedicated to expanding human awareness of ourselves as “more than our physical bodies.”   READ MORE

When my daughter was five I took her for a horseback-riding lesson. The teacher introduced her to the Palomino pony that she would be riding. She stood there staring at this cream-colored pony and said, “Where is the black horse?” The surprised teacher turned to me and said that the Palomino had a pure black son who was back in the stable. That morning she had planned on saddling him up for the lesson but had changed her mind just before we arrived.   READ MORE

Ann had an opportunity to travel to Nepal and trek to the Mt. Everest base camp to meet up with a good friend, Nancy Feagin and her mother, Martha Feagin. Nancy is a world-class climber who was on her way to be the eleventh American woman (out of 50 worldwide) and among only 1,300+ total humans in recorded history to summit the highest peak in the world. But Ann had a problem. Her travel partner’s plans fell through and she happened to mention this to Dia.   READ MORE

What is grounding? In the model of Intuition Medicine®, it is an energy system that is interconnected to our physical anatomy that enables us to establish a connected awareness of our body, mind, and spirit. It allows us to ascertain and create a solid foundation of self-awareness. Your ability to walk through this world in a grounded and centered manner will assist you in accessing your inner intuitive voice and help you move through the world with ease and grace.   READ MORE

Julia knew she wanted to be a doctor from a very early age, yet she did not like many facets of the medical profession. Beth entered the Master Certification in Intuition Medicine (MIM) training right after completing her Chiropractic training and answers the question of why she did that. Jennifer, who has been an MD for 7 years, specializes in primary care, with training in psychiatry and internal medicine. She talks about what brought her to the Academy.   READ MORE

The Academy Journal asked a few questions of Mary Swanson, MIM, Paul Leboffe, Esq., MIM, and Barbara Higbie, MIM about how Intuition Medicine informs their lives and enriches their professions.   READ MORE

The list of Master Certification in Intuition Medicine graduates from the Academy is full of artists working in all sorts of media. Five Artist-Intuitives recently shared how they use intuition in their creative work.   READ MORE

An increasing amount of research and evidence shows that there are various levels of awareness in each human being for the unique ability to heal oneself and be “whole” and free of “dis-ease”. Holistic practitioners hold the belief that changes are necessary on a behavioral, cognitive, neurological and/or chemical level in order for “healing” to occur, or for a “healing” stasis.   READ MORE

How can we work with and improve difficult business dynamics, shift conflicting agendas toward a common goal, and fully utilize intuition in a professional world that relies on hard data and analytical reasoning in every decision? These four MIM graduates share some thoughts about how they routinely incorporate Academy tools into the challenging world of working as an entrepreneur.   READ MORE

Dear Francesca — So often you have said that the work we do at the Academy is a science, and more recently, with your dissertation research and work with other Universities, it has been obvious that you and Academy are on the “cutting edge” of the science of energy medicine. When I speak to people of the Academy training, I try to demystify it by saying it is a very technical, comprehensive model of energy work, and refer to myself has “highly trained,” rather than “gifted” or “psychic”...    READ MORE

A psychiatric hospital is an emotionally demanding and hectic environment for both staff and clients. As a psychiatric nurse at a leading psychiatric hospital, I use Intuition Medicine® on myself in order to function more effectively in this environment and also on clients in order to assist them with healing and trauma.   READ MORE

Working as a healer, particularly a “hands-on” healer, presents unique challenges as the practitioner strives to be effective while not taking on a client’s energetic issues. How do massage therapists and other bodyworkers use Intuition Medicine® in their practice? Utilizing tools for grounding, creating a safe space, engaging in constant spirit-to-spirit communication, and maintaining healthy boundaries allow these five MIM graduates to “create the environment where healing arises.”   READ MORE

Empathy is defined as understanding and entering in to another’s feelings. We all do this to some degree. We listen to another’s story of calamity and we know how they feel. We may cry or laugh along with them completely in tune with their feelings. This can also be applied to animals when we have the understanding that animal feeling may diverge from what makes “sense” to a human. Empathy is also called clairsentience or clear feeling.   READ MORE

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