Courses & Programs at the Academy

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The Academy offers individual seminars and short courses for all levels of interest and time commitment, and longer Certificate Programs for continued study.

The Core Courses detailed below form the initial framework for intuitive development and further study. Those completing all three courses will be awarded an Intuition Medicine® Certificate (IMC), and will be eligible to apply for the Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® (MIM) program.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for registered nurses, members of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), and Acupuncturists.

Periodically a Children’s Intuition and Meditation Class (for ages 5 to 11) is offered. Read more below.

Tools for Teens (for ages 12 to 18). Read more below.

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Academy Orientation (In-Person or via Zoom)

In-Person or via Zoom

Monday July 11 2022
Tuesday August 2 2022

7:00 to 8:30 pm PST

RSVP required. Specify attendance via Zoom or In-Person (Zoom info will be provided after RSVP).

Meet faculty and students, experience a guided meditation, and learn detailed information about the Academy curriculum and courses. The Orientation is where all your questions are answered.

The next course, Intuition Medicine: Healing I, begins Tuesday, September 13 2022 and attendance at one of these Orientation dates is mandatory for new students. Join us for the Academy Orientation, and bring your friends! While attending live is best so that your questions can be answered in real-time — if that’s not possible, it’s essential that you watch this video of a recent Orientation.

  2021 Academy Catalog

  Academy Admissions Info & Checklist

*These take place four times each year: usually July, August, October, and November.

Core Academy Courses

Completion of these three courses is required to be eligible for the Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® (MIM) program. All new students must attend an Academy Open House & Orientation.

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Intuition Medicine: Healing I

INSTRUCTORS: Francesca McCartney PhD & Faculty

Tuesdays, Sept 13 – Oct 25 2022
7-9:30 pm  •  Tuition: $600 •  6 classes

In this six-week course, basic energy concepts and systems are introduced. Students learn diagnostic techniques for self-healing utilizing personal Life Force and Earth healing energies. Through meditation and hands-on exercises students work with:

  • Grounding – our natural connection with the earth
  • Aura – our natural protective force
  • Chakras – our energy anatomy focal points

No prerequisites for this course.

Spiral outer space

Intuition Medicine: Healing II

INSTRUCTORS: Francesca McCartney PhD & Faculty

Thursdays, Feb 24 – March 31 2022
Tuesdays, Nov 1 – Dec 6 2022

7-9:30 pm  •  Tuition: $600  •  6 classes

Using the tools introduced in Intuition Medicine: Healing I, students learn to diagnose and heal the basic energy systems of others. Diagnostic and healing modalities introduced in this six-week course include:

  • Boundaries, protection, and compassion
  • Spiritual guidance and guides
  • Universal consciousness; Energetic contracts
  • Cellular healing energy

Prerequisite: Completion of Healing I

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Intuition Medicine: Meditation III

INSTRUCTORS: Francesca McCartney PhD & Faculty

Thursdays, April 7 – May 5 2022
7-9:30 pm  •  Tuition: $500 •  5 classes

Through meditation and visualization students experience the basic energetic systems of Grounding, Aura, and Chakras, and gain an understanding of their functions. Self-diagnostic and healing techniques introduced in this five-week course include:

  • Spiritual healing with light and color
  • Emotional boundaries
  • Kundalini healing energy
  • Transcendent Kundalini activation

Prerequisite: Completion of Healing II

MIM Student Courses

Anatomy and Energy Healing

Prerequisite: open to active MIM students & MIM alumni only (by permission of instructor)

INSTRUCTOR: Connie Prodromou, LA.c MIM

Mondays, September 12 – October 17 2022
7-9:30 pm  •  Tuition: $412 (6-class series) • Drop-in fee: $70 per class
In-Person & Zoom (video/phone)

To register for this course, contact the instructor at
Payment is made directly to Connie either via cash, check or to her PayPal at

Do you or your client suffer from health issues that you haven’t been able to resolve yet? It has been said that “knowledge is power” so the more you know, the more likely you will find a solution to those stubborn problems. In this class, you will learn basic Anatomy including cell level, organs, glands and systems to get a better understanding of location, function and possible problems relating to them. Studying this information from a Western Medicine and an Intuition Medicine® perspective including how it all relates to the chakras and the subtle energy systems of the body, such as acupuncture meridians will enable you to more deeply understand this information. In addition, the connection between the physical, energetic, and emotional may uncover more possibilities to determine the root cause of the issue, hence leading to a solution.


Some of the most common illnesses will also be studied from Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Intuition Medicine® perspectives including symptoms, causes, and treatments to get a broader understanding of possible causes and subsequent solutions using energy medicine tools.

Through the use of guided meditation, lecture and lab practice, we will look at the physical and energetic anatomy as it relates to chakras and meridians including location, function, possible health issues or imbalances, and their role in creating optimal health or dis-ease. We will use energetic blueprints of a diseased person vs. a highest healed person to become familiar with the similarities and differences. Some basic aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be introduced to add more depth to the information. Additional suggestions on how to bring all this information together to improve your client intake, assess the root cause of the issues then determine the appropriate energy tools and lifestyle suggestions to help resolve them, as well as to maintain wellness will be discussed.

This class is open to anyone who has a desire to learn more about the physical and energy body as they relate to health and dis-ease to enable them to resolve stubborn health problems. The information will be presented in a simple, understandable format that can be used by individuals and practitioners alike.  


Children and Teen Courses

Children’s Intuition and Meditation Course • Ages 5 to 11 years old

INSTRUCTOR: Barbara Stevenson, MIM
Contact Instructor: Phone: 415 444-6783 • Email:

Five-Week Course • DTBA
Join us for the first class for free! If you want to continue, pay tuition directly to the instructor at that class.

Continuing students • 9:30 -11 am  •  Tuition: $240
New students • 11:30 -1 pm  •  Tuition: $240
10% discount for siblings. Pay by cash or check directly to Barbara Stevenson

Children are naturally intuitive and have the capacity to understand and develop this valuable way of perceiving and relating to their inner and outer experiences. Being able to interpret the information available to them and then to use energy management skills for establishing and maintaining grounding, life force energy, and energetic boundaries can lead to an increased sense of empowerment, greater resilience with challenging people and environments, and an overall sense of connectedness and wellbeing. 


Using imagination as the language of intuition, each week we’ll be learning about a different aspect of the subtle energy body, as well as practicing age-appropriate skills that are essential to maintaining a healthy system. The emphasis will be on experiential learning that includes guided meditation, movement, expressive arts, and talking circles.

Week 1:  What is Intuition? Ways that you are already intuitive.

Week 2:  Grounding to the Earth – Keeping yourself strong and feeling good.
Meditation Sanctuary – Your quiet inner peaceful place.

Week 4:  Life Force, Earth Energy, and Neutral Separations – Feeling like yourself.

Week 5:  Aura, Chakras, and Color Healing — Emotional protection and healing touchpoints.

Parents are encouraged to attend the last 10 minutes of each class to review the lesson for the day, as well as some ways they can support the learning and practices at home.  



Tools for Teens • Maya Holland MIM

“Tools for Teens is as simple as its name — a meditation-based healing service that provides teenagers with ways to navigate personal and social matters, using Energy Medicine. Relationship troubles? Stress? Friendship issues? Trust me, I’ve been through it, and I’m here to help.”


During high school, Maya began her two-year study of Energy Medicine at The Academy of Intuition Medicine®. The tools she learned helped her successfully process the various emotional, social, and personal challenges that she experienced. After graduating from High School, she moved to London for one-year of University, and has since returned to the San Francisco Bay area.


  From Maya 

Life as a teenager is exciting and wonderful, but it definitely comes with its challenges. This, coupled with the severe lockdowns in London and my attempts to navigate the cultural and social nuances of a new country, caused me to experience feelings of loneliness and melancholy.

But with the use of the energy tools I practice, I was able to stay centered and grounded so that these sometimes difficult experiences became something I met with gratitude and not victimhood. It was clear that many of my peers at University had similar feelings, and it was from this process that Tools for Teens was born. As a teen myself, I understand the struggles of my peers. Tools for Teens allows me to share what I've learned so others can have the ability to meet their own challenges through development of a mindfulness and meditation practice.

Intuition isn't about knowing all the answers on your math test, it's about using what your body tells you to make the choices that are most aligned for you. That's our goal when doing sessions: to help you tap into your inner power and clear out excess clutter that doesn’t belong. I will provide you with tools to strengthen your boundaries and support you as you give yourself permission to let go of what's no longer serving you. Being able to listen to yourself and trust your intuition plays a huge part in self-healing.

Phone: (415) 948-5122


photo of Maya Holland MIM

Enrollment Information

All courses are held at the Academy located in Sausalito, California, USA. Attendance in-person or live via Zoom.

The next course, Intuition Medicine: Healing I, begins Tuesday, September 13 2022.

Next Orientation Dates
(in-person or live via Zoom)
Monday July 11 2022
Tuesday August 2 2022

7:00–8:30 pm PST

Already enrolled?

Enrollment   Use the Application for Enrollment form to apply for space in a course. After completing and submitting this form you will receive additional information about the Academy and the specific course(s) for which you have applied. Completion of this application does not automatically enroll you in a course. You are required to either attend (in-person or live via Zoom) an Orientation or view this Orientation video.  READ MORE

  2021 Academy Catalog

  Academy Admissions Info & Checklist

Payment:   Full tuition is required one month before all Core courses and to reserve your space. Note: there is a $50 non-refundable registration fee included. The balance of tuition is refunded with cancellation of participation by first class.

Payments for all courses may be made via PayPal (transaction fees apply) or via check (payable to AIM) mailed to AIM, Post Office Box 1921, Mill Valley, CA 94942 USA.

Required Course Materials    You can purchase the required course materials (Francesca McCartney’s two books, Intuition Medicine: The Science of Energy, Body of Health and the Body of Health audio series) in advance or purchase at the first class.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for registered nurses, members of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), and Acupuncturists. See details on the Continuing Education Units page.