Everyone has innate intuitive abilities which can be developed and utilized as a natural human sense. Students enter the Academy with many goals: to pursue a career as a Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Coach or Intuition Medicine® Practitioner; to integrate intuitive abilities into a current career; or to develop intuition for practical daily life awareness, self-growth and personal healing.

Join us for these very special in-person events in June

Messages from Those Who have Passed • Felix Lee Lerma

Friday, June 19 20207pm 
$20 at the door • RSVP 

Felix Lee Lerma is a compassionate and genuine Psychic Medium who has the ability to communicate with those who have passed. He is dedicated to providing evidence that we never truly die. During this event, if Spirit has a message for you Felix will find you!  READ MORE

Workshop: Developing Your Spiritual Gifts • Felix Lee Lerma

Saturday, June 20 2020 • 10am – 5pm 
$150 • Limited Seats. Registration (with prepayment) required

This 6-hour workshop is designed for anyone who believes they have the pronounced ability to hear, feel, see, or sense spirit. I will be sharing with you powerful resources that have helped shape my work over the last 17 years as a full-time medium. Like any muscle that strengthens with exercise, your "psychic muscle" will have plenty of opportunities to practice with others in this class. Whether you are a beginner or have been doing readings yourself, there is something for everyone in this special workshop. REGISTER NOWREAD MORE

photo of psychic medium, Felix Lee Lerma

Courses at the Academy

Founded in 1984, the Academy of Intuition Medicine offers a Vocational Certification program and courses in the career science of Medical Intuition and the art of practicing as a Spiritual Coach or Intuition Medicine® practitioner.


Friday Evening Events at the Academy

Join us for Friday evening lectures and the occasional one-day or weekend workshop. Presenters have included Marilyn Schlitz, Beverly Rubik, Judith Orloff MD, Stanley Krippner, Dean Radin, and Steven Halpern.


Intuition Medicine® Online (AIMO)

Since 2017, The Academy of Intuition Medicine Online has brought our unique intuitive development energy medicine course curriculum to interested students worldwide.


Open to Public Workshops

These Saturday workshops are open to the public, without prerequisites, and offer the chance to learn about Holistic Medicines and practices without committing to a longer class.


Listen: Thriving in Your Third Act: Women Finding Fire & Fulfillment After 50

Francesca McCartney, PhD was interviewed part of Thriving in Your Third Act, an online event featuring bold leaders who offer powerful practices and profound wisdom to ignite your life after 50. Learn:

  1. Five keys to access abundance.
  2. How to discover your 21 Intuitive Senses.
  3. Practice one thing daily to create a prosperous life.


Video: Presentation at the New Life Expo 2018

In this presentation Francesca describes the multiple ways a person experiences Intuition. Five senses is a limited belief. Humans use more than 21 senses and the majority is intuitive senses.

Cognitive Bias vs. Intuition: Evolved Decision-Making: A Conversation with Francesca McCartney PhD

Francesca recently contributed Chapter 8 on Cognitive Bias vs. Intuition to the 2019 book Developing Informed Intuition for Decision-Making.

Energy Medicine and Intuition • Academy Founder, Francesca McCartney PhD

Interviewed on the Spectrum of Health Podcast • April 2020
Topics discussed include:

  • Male-female energy anatomy
  • Dreams and healing
  • Correlations of the chakra system to the physical body
  • Connections of the aura to immunity health
  • How intuition can diagnose illness
  • How spiritual illness is at the core of most depression, lethargy and identity crisis
  • The health implications of knowing your purpose and path this lifetime
portrait of Francesca McCartney, PhD Energy Medicine

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Open House & Orientation

Wednesday, June 24 2020
Wednesday, Aug 5 2020

7 to 8:30 pm

Meet faculty and students, experience a guided meditation, and learn detailed information about the Academy curriculum and courses. Our Open House & Orientation is where all your questions are answered.

The next course, Intuition Medicine: Healing I, begins Tuesday, September 8 2020 and attendance at one of these Orientation dates is mandatory for new students. Join us for the Academy Open House & Orientation, and bring your friends!

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*These take place four times each year: July, August, October, and November.