Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The first course Intuition Medicine: Healing I, begins Thursday, September 9 2021

Do you have many people enter the Academy program who are not already in a health field?

Yes, about 40%. Our mission statement states: Founded in 1984, as an academic vocational school for professional Intuitives and for those interested in developing intuition as a pragmatic skill. Students enter the Academy with varied goals: To pursue a career as a medical intuitive, to integrate intuitive abilities into a current career, or to develop intuition for practical life awareness, self-growth and personal healing.

The mission of the Academy is to teach and empower individuals to discover and use their natural intuitive sense in all endeavors of life. The philosophy of the Academy is that everyone has innate intuitive abilities which can be developed and utilized as a natural human sense.

How many students are there in each course?

Approximately 20-35 students with a 5 to 1 student-teacher ratio. We have two semesters a year which commence in September and January.

In general, what age are people who take these courses?

18-77 years old with a median age range of 36 years old.

Can I just sign up for one course at a time?

Yes, however we give priority placement to students who enroll in the certificate program.

Is it realistic to expect the 6-month Intuition Medicine Certification (IMC) program to be sufficient training to start developing medical intuitive skills and a practice?

Correct, the IMC is only a starting place for learning our medical intuition modality. Also, it depends upon your present developed state of intuitive skill. We have a questionnaire within the admission forms which gives us a quick view of your assessment of intuitive skills level.

Can I complete the certificate program (IMC) in about 6-months?

Yes, however the calendar dates of offerings may not allow a student to complete the IMC certificate program in a consecutive six months. Check the calendar page for dates.

If after the first class I decide this is just not a good fit for me, can I stop altogether? I’d like to get a good sense if it’s a fit before I even start.

We strongly suggest that you receive an energy systems session with one of our Faculty members or Practitioners before you enroll in a course.

After the IMC is it possible to continue with the Master Certification in Intuition Medicine (MIM) program?

Yes, with the caveat that one proceeds through another admissions process to determine ability for admittance into the Master Certification program. Student readiness to proceed is usually known by the teachers after a student participates in several of the core courses, however, sometimes it is not clear until the admissions process. As an educational institution we strive for high competency levels in our students so that upon graduation they achieve their ideal goal, as well as, master the Intuition Medicine® methodology.

I’m interested in the MIM program, but see it costs $6,000. Is there a way to make payments instead of paying all at once?

Yes, MIM students can pay their tuition in quarterly installments of $1,500.

Tuition may be paid online via PayPal (transaction fees apply) or via mail.

Can I make online payments for courses without incurring the PayPal service charge?

Not for online payments. For those who choose to pay via PayPal, there is a small transaction fee that PayPal charges. To avoid the fee, you can postal mail a check (made out to AIM) directly to the Academy:

Academy of Intuition Medicine
PO Box 1921
Mill Valley, CA 94942 USA

I read that it is necessary to take Healing I in order to take Healing II. Does this apply to all students, or only those that are new to energy work?

All students begin with Intuition Medicine: Healing I no matter their experience. We present a unique modality that requires a foundation of technical understanding and skill that is taught in the Healing I in order to reap the benefits of all the other levels.

What do graduates tend to do with the training?

I would suggest that you read the Journal section — especially the Academy of Intuition Medicine Alumni – 1987-2020

I want to learn intuitive healing tools and skills – I understand emotional or psychological issues may come up for people in this type of program, but I am not looking to regularly have a group therapy situation in class.

The Academy does not teach a psychology-based therapeutic model nor conduct any type of group therapy. We train students in the art and science of energy healing and the development of the natural human sense of Intuition.

I live too far away to attend in-person. Do you have online learning?

Yes! Our new school, the Academy of Intuition Medicine Online (AIMO) has launched. AIMO brings our unique intuitive development courses to interested students, worldwide. You can study at your own speed, when you want, and wherever you are.

Enrollment Information

All courses are held at the Academy located in Sausalito, California, USA. Attendance in-person or live via Zoom.

The next course, Intuition Medicine: Healing I, begins Thursday, September 9 2021.

Next Open House/Orientations
(in-person or live via Zoom)
Wed, June 16 2021
Mon, August 2 2021

7:00–8:30 pm PST

Already enrolled?

Enrollment   Use the Application for Enrollment form to apply for space in a course. After completing and submitting this form you will receive additional information about the Academy and the specific course(s) for which you have applied. Completion of this application does not automatically enroll you in a course. You are required to either attend an Open House/Orientation or view the current Open House/Orientation video.  READ MORE

  Academy Admissions Info & Checklist

Payment:   Full tuition is required one month before all Core courses and to reserve your space. Note: there is a $50 non-refundable registration fee included. The balance of tuition is refunded with cancellation of participation by first class.

The Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® (MIM) also requires a non-refundable $100 application fee. Students accepted into the MIM program may pay tuition in quarterly installments of $1,500 (total tuition is $6,000).

Payments for all courses may be made via PayPal (transaction fees apply) or via check (payable to AIM) mailed to AIM, Post Office Box 1921, Mill Valley, CA 94942 USA.

Required Course Materials    You can purchase the required course materials (Francesca McCartney’s two books, Intuition Medicine: The Science of Energy, Body of Health and the Body of Health audio series) in advance or purchase at the first class.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for registered nurses, members of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), and Acupuncturists. See details on the Continuing Education Units page.