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Beside lectures and exercises, all Academy courses rely on a number of excellent books — written by noted authorities and researchers in their fields — to augment and expand upon concepts and discussions introduced in the classroom. Many students find these books remain useful references long after they graduate. See the Academy booklist for a curated listing.

The core required reading for the Academy program are the books Body of Health: The New Science of Intuition Medicine®, Intuition Medicine®: The Science of Energy plus the 8-CD/MP3 set Intuition Medicine®, all authored by Francesca McCartney. All three can be purchased here.

Full Set of mp3 Audio Downloads, Softcover of Body of Health Book & eBook of Intuition Medicine® Book

The set covers all the required materials to begin your study at the Academy.

The set includes both books: The eBook version Intuition Medicine: The Science of Energy and the softcover version of Body of Health: The New Science of Intuition Medicine® for Energy & Balance plus the companion Audio download set (mp3 files).

Body of Health explores the science behind the mind/body connection

Presenting a bridge between traditional scientific thought and exciting research in energetic healing modalities, Dr. Francesca McCartney’s 2005 book, Body of Health: The New Science of Intuition Medicine® for Energy & Balance, addresses the important connections between mind, body, spirit, and healing. Read more »

Intuition Medicine: The Science of Energy

Now available as an eBook!

Published in 2001, Francesca McCartney’s first book Intuition Medicine: The Science of Energy outlines a practical application of ancient wisdom. You can learn to use your intuition every day of your life — make wiser decisions more easily; create loving and healthy relationships; open and expand your innate creativity; realize joy, abundance, and prosperity; feel more like your authentic self; and heal your body, mind, and spirit.

This book, intended to be used in tandem with Francesca’s Audio Series, contains information for serious students of energy medicine, and the first, most efficient steps for beginners in their study of intuition, energy medicine and self healing. With this book you can, at your own pace, learn and practice techniques that open, expand, and refine your intuitive awareness.

Audio Series: Body of Health

Available as mp3 audio downloads

As a supplement to her books, Dr. McCartney has compiled eight hours of teachings and guided meditations. Distilled from classroom lectures and meditations, this eight-piece audio collection presents the essential skills needed to access intuitive intelligence and self-healing.  Read more »

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