MIM Mid-Term Exam

The Mid-Term Exam is due by the first week in January.

This mid-term is a self-assessment and is meant to support your process. This assessment is a self-report on you diagnosing your energy systems — not a report on what you understand as the concepts.

Describe your experience as best you know. You will receive a written response via email to this assessment if mid-term is submitted by due date. Course evaluation is a complete or incomplete.

IMPORTANT! This is a multiple-page form. If you wish to modify an answer on a previous page, do NOT reload the page in your browser, as that will clear the contents of the form. Instead use the 'Previous' button at the bottom of the page. If you close your browser window in the middle of filling this form out, you run the risk of losing your input. 

Upon submission of your exam, you will receive a copy of your input to the email address you provided.

MIM Mid-Term Exam

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