Challenging Beliefs and Paradigms to Enter Inspirational Living

“The Academy of Intuition Medicine® serves as a modern-day shamanic initiation that restores the balance to individuals, provides deep healing at many different levels, and has far reaching effects to communities and the cosmos at large. It is divided into several powerful lessons that build onto each other that allow students to reclaim their own true sight and experience a much fuller and deeper reality.”

If you would have told me, when I was younger, that I would be practicing Intuition Medicine® in my mid-thirties, I would have told you to take that voodoo nonsense and sell it to someone else. It wasn’t as if I was closed off to notions of psychic/paranormal/intuitive phenomena, but it always remained something outside of me to simply stare in wonder and fascination. The realm of intuition was not something that was very inviting, but at the same time I came to recognize that there was a call within me to delve into this intuitive stuff. It was as if the universe sat across a dance floor making eyes at me, inviting me to dance, and all I had to do was respond to the call. Little did I know this wasn't any simple old dance but a process of unlearning that allows a paradigm shift for true learning and seeing to take place.

I came into the Academy of Intuition Medicine® having studied many other methods of self-development/healing. but none and tested information from Gurdjieff, Carlos Castaneda, Ra material, etc. But none of these really made the changes that this Academy did. Not to say that these were not amazing sources of knowledge, but the problem was that most of these sources were either vague, came from a left-brain perception, or there was no real application/development of intuitive sense. If anything, intuitive senses have become an unspoken taboo in our materialistic cosmology going back since the time when the Vatican did away with shamans; shamans/seers/intuitive healers served the role of being the bridge between the material and spirit that kept communities in balance. With the bridge between the material and spiritual severed, humans became entrained in the way of self-services and worshipped the material.

The Academy of Intuition Medicine® serves as a modern-day shamanic initiation that restores the balance to individuals, provides deep healing at many different levels, and has far reaching effects to communities and the cosmos at large. It is divided into several powerful lessons that build onto each other that allow students to reclaim their own true sight and experience a much fuller and deeper reality. All of this is done with very down to earth practices that enable the students to learn skills that allow them to navigate life with ease. All these concepts build onto each other just like running/biking/driving/flying are extensions of walking or a reference to walking. Like this analogy, the Academy builds from the basis of grounding, and grounding is one of the most powerful aspects that is taught in this school.

I had started grounding before I entered the Academy but found that there is a difference between the quality of grounding I was doing and the one taught at the academy. The methodology of grounding I was using was the same, but the biggest difference was the intent behind grounding. When I first started grounding, I treated it like a chore, like a mechanical thing to do multiple times a day. And the result was that I was only grounded mechanically since you get what you give in life. But even though my grounding was sloppy it still allowed me to begin to feel more at ease in my body and throughout my days. Initially I did not see grounding as anything that important, but that idea quickly changed when I realised that grounding is the core of everything we do in and outside the academy. I remember one day as I was driving to work, I realised that grounding is a creative endeavor and should be done as if it was the first time every time. And soon after I began to feel more alive since I was becoming more anchored in my body as I progressed.

The more Grounded I became the more I began to change, or rather I began to become more of myself and less of external imprinting. There isn’t much information in our material world but there is enough that shows that our souls are embedded in our bodies, and if we are not grounded in our bodies and to earth then something else will take its place. Our energy fields seem to contain our biography, traumas, and other strange entities we find in life, and all of these have an impact on our personality. Though grounding can’t remove or fix these issues, it does provide a means to reduce the effects they have on our bodies by giving our bodies an electrical pathway to discharge these energies. Once these energies are discharged, we feel more at ease and our soul finds it easier to sit in the physical body when it’s healthy. There has been enough research that shows that our soul (subconscious/spirit) does indeed exist and oversees a vast amount of information gathering and dispersing, and grounding is an excellent way to align the soul with the physical body.

Of course, the electromagnetic effects from grounding have many other benefits; from signaling the production of melatonin in the pineal gland and creating our circadian cycles reducing inflammation, boosting our immune system, speeding up healing, helping with sleep/feeling rested, and a vast amount of other health benefits. These are not just benefits of grounding, but they are the natural state that our bodies are designed to exist in if we are living as we should be. This is also the reason that grounding is the first and most important thing we were taught at the Academy and it’s a practice that I use every day.

Along with grounding and a plethora of tools to navigate our energy bodies, the Intuition Academy is always working on updating information and grounding these practices in science and data. I can’t begin to explain how the knowledge gained literally changes your perspective since you begin to operate with a side of reality you did not know existed. I had a look at my journal to see how my views were changing and I noticed that I started thinking of everything I used to know as a symptom of a much deeper reality, that of the spirit. Cancer isn’t just some disease anymore, but it has a story and a reason for being there. Not much that happens to us is accidental, at least not the big things, and I began to feel a connectedness to the universe that I thought was only for the woo-woo crowd. Especially when we began to experiment with different frequencies of energies.

Before enrolling in the Academy, I was and am a certified reiki master. Working with energies wasn’t a foreign concept to me but the way reiki is taught lacks a holistic approach that the academy teaches. As it’s taught from the original Usui line, the reiki system leaves one with more questions than answers. There is a chasm of separation between reiki and everyday knowledge, like a distant mystical island where you have no idea how it can exist in the material world. It almost seems like magic when you learn it through traditional lines. What the academy does is it demystifies it and brings it down to simple understandings. I’ve come to understand that there isn’t anything special about reiki, it’s just another energy that anyone can easily have access to without the need to attune themselves.

And beyond reiki, students learn how to channel many forms of energy. From individual, to nature, to cosmic/universal energies. All of them seem to carry a different bundle of information that anyone can bring into their energy system to upgrade/heal. I can’t say for certain that I truly understand how energy works but an idea is beginning to cement itself in my physique, and the idea is that we as humans decode the universe through our senses so we can learn about our surroundings and the universe. As we do so our DNA (antennae) grows, allowing more information to be received that allows us to interact with more of the universe that we were able to see. And gives us more freedom and allows us in our 3rd density to make a choice between two modes of existence: that of service to self or service to others. The academy seems to me to be a series of tools and lessons that help anyone bring certain frequencies/energies/information down onto earth as we undergo a shift with the earth itself. At the end of the day though, Energy is still an elusive concept that I’m working on learning. It does seem intrinsically tied to information when we perceive it, but I get the sense that it’s also an expression of something deeper.

Though energy is still a concept that no one really understands, this academy certainly allows anyone to develop a right-brained understanding of it through practice. I’ve read several books, and have a nice pile to work through, and having this hands-on practice through the academy gives me a path towards understanding what it is I’m reading as I try to bridge the gap between the theory and the practical. Without the hands-on practice it would be very difficult to really grok any information regarding non-material concepts since it would reside in the realm of pure theory. The more I learn the more I am discovering that there is something very phenomenal that is occurring as I explore this other aspect of myself.

The entire course load is very fascinating as it leads you down this path, and since all that you learn builds on each other there isn’t any one thing that is more important than another. But I personally found the male-female anatomy systems to be the most intriguing because not only does it free you from being tied to one mode of acting, masculine/feminine, but it’s also a state that many have sought after for millennia.

Just as the Academy alters your perception of reality, so does this knowledge alter reality to your perception and as you change so does your reality. I am only halfway through the Academy Master program and already this work has increased my perceptions and connection to myself and the universe. Many doors have been opened and I’m forever grateful to have the Academy of Intuition Medicine® in our time.

An essay by an online student at Mid-Term in the Academy of Intuition Medicine® Masters Program, entitled, “How challenging my beliefs and paradigms allowed me to depart from programmed existence and enter inspirational living”.