Zoom & In-Person MIM Alumni Class: Growing the Mystical Brain • Jacqueline Chan, DO, MIM • Jan 15-Mar 18 2024


Open to active MIM students & MIM alumni only

8 Mondays • January 15, 22, 29, Feb 5, 19, 26, March 4, 11 2024
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm PST
(Note: one week break between Class 4 & 5)
Zoom & In-Person • Register to attend the entire 8-class series or single class (during checkout, in the ‘Notes’ field, provide class date you’re attending).

  • Registration/prepayment required for Zoom attendance
  • Registration/prepayment required for In-Person attendance
  • Prepay to receive videos, post-workshop

Post-workshop, all participants will receive a video link to download the workshop recording.

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  • Class 1 • January 15: Building a foundation of health for the central nervous system. Learn innovative strategies to maintain mental clarity, enhance your intuition and increase ingenuity as we age using diet, nutraceuticals, and nootropics.
  • Class 2 • January 22: Understanding the physiological effects of trauma, how to assess for trauma and help balance the central nervous system through subtle movement. Setting energetic boundaries for safety and protection according to our inner “no” to prevent future trauma.
  • Class 3 • January 29: Engage in neuro-regenerative practices to build new neural pathways for joy and creativity. Deep replenishment of central nervous system and an invocation into our deepest “yes”.
  • Class 2 • February 5: Application of the spine to the brain through the osteopathic understanding of embryology. Connecting the central nervous system to the whole body and optimizing our central channel.
  • Class 3 • February 19: Growing the Mystical Mind – embracing the divine grid work and releasing ourselves from the knots that keep us connected to the mind-virus. This is the practice of re-wilding oneself.
  • Class 4 • February 26: Unfurling the Pineal gland our inner source of LSD. The application of cranial osteopathy to the key organs in the brain: pituitary, hypothalamus, pineal and brain stem for refinement of clairgnostic skills.
  • Class 5 • March 4: Sensory Perception of the Quantum — opening your ability to perceive subtle energies and spectrums of light beyond that of the physical human eye.
  • Class 6 • March 11: The Science of bio plasma in the Cosmos and the Practice of Receiving Codes.

Fee: $110 to 830 + small PayPal transaction fee.

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