Stories From Intuition Medicine® Practitioners

The Academy Journal asked a few questions of Mary Swanson, MIM, and got some good input on integrating her Intuition Medicine® Certificate into her life’s work.

What happened when you first started studying with Francesca at the Academy?

Mary: No matter what business you’re starting, you must build a place in which the business happens. A sacred space that people know is there. I spend a lot of time meditating in my office creating roads and communication to the people who want to work with me as an Intuitive Counselor and Astrologer.

What is it like being a professional Intuitive?

Mary: For me, going to work is like pioneering the edge of the universe. I’m doing something so interesting I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life. It is incredibly satisfying work and I am learning with every session. Each time I meet with a client my Intuition grows. I am always adding to what Francesca calls your “energy toolbox” with new techniques, practical ways to use intuition to help people and looking at things with new eyes.

The Academy Journal asked Paul Leboffe, Esq., MIM, what it was like to practice law using Intuition Medicine.

Paul:  Psychic Law you ask? What’s it like being an Intuitive attorney?

Imagine what it’s like to anticipate clients needs before they ask. Cool!

Imagine what it’s like to walk into a library of 500,000 volumes and go right up to the book you need. Efficient!

Imagine what it’s like to select only clients who pay their bills. Nice!

Imagine what it’s like saying hello to client’s, “spirit to spirit” before working with them. Smooth!

Imagine what it’s like intuiting what you are up against before negotiating with opposing counsel. Effective!

Imagine what it’s like to know the answer intuitively, and work backward to provide the rationale. Quick!

So what’s it like being an Intuitive attorney? In a word, it’s fun.

The Academy Journal talks Intuitive Music with Barbara Higbie, MIM

By the time I was 30, there were so many people making all or part of their living off of my music composing, I had become an exhausted, anxious wreck. What had started as inherited family talent and a precious spiritual process had amazingly become a livelihood (recording for Windham Hill Records). But all was not well. I felt I did not know how the music happened, and with so much pressure, the golden goose had become very dramatic about laying those precious musical aches. The fun had gone out of it. Enter the classes at the Academy of Intuitive Studies.

Intuition training has made the fun come back into my musical life. Writing music and lyrics is now an exciting adventure; more like being a midwife than anything else. I just intuit the original essence energy of the pieces that want to come through me then improvise and play with different ideas and see how much they match or complement the energy of the person involved with the piece. Kind of like introducing friends to each other. Sometimes it clicks and sometimes it doesn’t. All through the process, I match the energy of the piece to the original essence energy. If it gets stuck, I go back into meditation and tune into the initial impulse again, back and forth, until it feels finished. Some births are easier than others, but there are always times of joy and intense emotion. When audiences later hear the song they often feel that same emotion. Like beautiful gem stones, they hold essence energy for anyone to draw on at anytime. I feel honored to bring songs into the world. Like a parent, I can see that they have their own purpose that I may or may not know much about. I’m just the person who makes sure they make into adulthood in one piece!

Using this Intuitive process, I have again become musically prolific, releasing 2 CDs in 18 months. The first CD, “I Surrender” was named “One of the top 12 independent releases of 1997” by Performing Songwriter Magazine. The second CD, “Play Time” is a duet project with the amazing singer, Teresa Trull. We’re now on a 40-city concert tour and the CDs are available through my website at, or in music and bookstores. Please come to a show some time. It’s a whole lot of fun!