Entrepreneur Intuitives

Ed Porter, MA, MIM

Ed is an educational consultant to under-performing schools and school districts, also brings many of our standard intuitive “tools” to his work: For example, he teaches teachers how to help children ground. And he strongly encourages his clients to listen to – and trust – their real intelligence.

When preparing to work with groups, like a board of education, Ed intuitively grounds the building and the meeting room beforehand. Whenever a meeting starts to go off course, he stops and re-grounds himself and the room.

Ed used to wonder whether he should “be the flow” or “go with the flow.” He has learned that trusting his intuition allows him to use it as a process sorter. In this way he can recognize the relevant information that can be successfully implemented.

What changed the most for Ed as a result of his intuition training was the way he approaches his work. “I wasn’t consciously aware of how intuition fit. It was always there, but I depended more on research. Now, my entry point is my intuition, and I use the analytical information as backup.”

Ed’s entrepreneurial message: “Let your message and your life’s work flow. It stirs in your center of consciousness and will flow freely when you are centered there and in present time.”

Dana Denman, MIM

Dana, owner of Shamrock Ranch in Pacifica, shares the potentially daunting task of managing and maintaining her 286-acre ranch that boards close to 300 dogs, cats, and horses with her management team of four. “We sit in a circle, get grounded, put up protection around the office, then we ‘sweep’ over the entire ranch with a color and ground it in. We see it washing away any negativity, neutralizing it, lifting away any interference energy.”

In the fall, Dana and her team clairvoyantly look at the ranch as a whole and ask what needs attention to prepare it for the coming winter. And during peak seasons like the holidays, they energetically put out welcome mats to promote a sense of welcome and safety to both their human and 4-legged clients.

Dana recognizes that her business and her self have different grounding. “When I ground my ranch through me I am exhausted. I now know that I am not my business. I know that when I am operating in my own grounding field my business runs better. I feel like my life and work is so full and rich and do-able knowing these techniques. I don’t go into much of anything with fear anymore.”

Dana’s entrepreneurial message, “Your work will benefit when you use your intuition to take care of the business of maintaining your body-mind-and spirit health.”

Michael McCartney, MBA, MIM

Michael, owner of QLM Consulting (QLM = Quality Logistics Management), strives to bring spiritual integrity into business processes.

“Intuition assists me in knowing where energy is out of balance with the integrity of a business. I then perceive for example, whether it’s a process or if the business is missing vital information, or if the operational information is outdated, or not applicable for the business objectives.”

“I get an intuitive answer that I simply write down in a sentence. I usually spend the next month proving it analytically or in other ways that the client can understand. The intuitive approach is very quick and to the point. What clients pay me for is the intuition “hit” and then finding ways of describing how to integrate that information into their existing businesses.

Michael’s entrepreneurial message: “Intuition creates the shortest distance between you and success.”

Peter Dennison, MIM

Peter, an organic wine grower in Booneville for twenty years, enjoys the “luxury” of spending much of his time “grounding” in the original meaning of the term. Uncomfortable with compartmentalizing his life, Peter speaks primarily to the larger issue of communicating with others.

Peter listens deeply to the messages of synchronistic encounters. “In my work I try to be aware of the synchronous events and I try to be aware of the information between the lines that are spoken by myself and particularly other people.What is that other person trying to say to me” With whatever skill they have, they’re saying something above and beyond the words. I sense that unspoken intuitive communication happening with almost everybody.”

“Often in our culture we speak before listening. Speak before feeling.”And we use our speaking and our analyzer function as our reality-base, as a surrogate for intuition. For me this leads to a feeling of disconnect. So my inner process needs to happen first. If my realizations occur upon reflection, I was not in present time. If I am in present time I am in accord with my feelings.”

Peter’s entrepreneurial message: “When you’re in balance and in present time, you will say what needs to be said.”