Upcoming Events at the Academy

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Join us for monthly Friday evening lectures and the occasional weekend workshop.

Lectures are $20 cash at the door unless noted and go from 7-9pm. Free attendance for children 18 and under.

Please RSVP for each event you plan to attend so we know how much seating to set up for the evening. Some of the one- or two-day events listed you can sign-up and pay for below.

2018 Events

Lucid Dreaming As a Path to Personal Growth, Healing and Spiritual Wisdom

Robert Waggoner 
Friday, June 15  7pm

Fee: $20 cash at the door

Robert WaggonerOn the surface, lucid dreaming seems deceptively simple – a paradoxical state in which you know you are dreaming, while you are dreaming. There, you can fly through space, create fire breathing dragons, and cast spells like Harry Potter, all in the safety of your subconscious mind. Historically though, experienced lucid dreamers have used lucid dreaming as an expressway to greater self-realization, spiritual wisdom and access to creativity’s source. The Indian Buddhist yogi, Naropa, suggested that the main technique of dream yoga, lucid dreaming, provided serious students one of the six pathways to enlightenment.


Scientifically validated for thirty years, recent neuroscientists have deemed lucid dreaming a “hybrid state of consciousness” since the dreaming brain and portions of the waking/conscious brain show simultaneous activation. In other words, when you are lucid dreaming, your conscious mind and your subconscious mind appear joined in a shared creative collaboration, or a unique, hybrid state of consciousness.

Now lucid dreamers have begun to explore lucid dreaming’s potential to investigate consciousness, the dream state and the psyche. Already, numerous accounts exist of lucid dreamers using this special state for emotional healing and even physical healing. Moreover, some lucid dreamers feel that they have encountered another layer of the Self and a reservoir of unconscious information; two concepts which Carl Jung theorized, but did not have the tool to validate. Could lucid dreaming serve as a revolutionary tool to provide science with a new understanding of consciousness and the self?

Robert Waggoner is author of the acclaimed book, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self, and co-author of the award winning book, Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple. A past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), Robert also co-edits the online magazine, The Lucid Dream Exchange, the only ongoing publication devoted specifically to lucid dreaming. Robert conducts on-line workshops with GlideWing Productions and routinely speaks at colleges and conferences worldwide on the lucid dream experience. Robert has logged more than 1,000 lucid dreams.




Stanley Krippner, PhD
Friday, July 20  7pm

Fee: $20 cash at the door

Stanley Krippner

Stanley Krippner PhD. professor of psychology at Energy Medicine University and Saybrook University is a past-president and Fellow in the American Psychological Association.

From a psychological perspective, shamans are socially-designated practitioners who obtain information from sources not ordinarily available to their peers and use this information for the benefit of their community. Among their sources of information are drumming, drugs, deprivation, dancing, and dreaming. For shamans, dreams facilitate journeys to other worlds, access to past and future events, diagnosis of sickness, and administration of the prescribed cures. The latter is often done by “dreamwalking,” a process by which the shaman allegedly walks into someone’s dreams for a benevolent purpose. Shamans also employ dreamwalking to instruct, to console, and to warn.


Dr. Krippner will give examples of dreamwalkers he has interviewed, such as the Native American medicine man Rolling Thunder and the Indonesia “dukun” Rohanna Ler. This presentation is a cross-cultural study of dreams acquired from personal experiences within many cultures. Book signing at the end of the event.

Dr. Krippner is a co-author of Extraordinary Dreams, The Mythic Path, and Haunted by Combat: Understanding PTSD in War Veterans (Greenwood, 2007), and co-editor of Healing Tales, Healing Stories, The Psychological Impact of War on Civilians: An International Perspective, Varieties of Anomalous Experience: Examining the Scientific Evidence.

Website: stanleykrippner.weebly.com  


Soul Patterns: The Seven Chakra Personality Types

Shai Tubali
Friday, September 21  7pm

Fee: $20 cash at the door

Shai Tubali photoThe chakras belong to one of the oldest and most persistent systems the world has ever known. While this ancient Yogic system generally detects seven chakras in every human being, author and Yoga expert Shai Tubali claims that each of us has a far deeper connection to one major chakra and two secondary others. This connection weaves the structure of our personality and explains well why we perceive and experience the world in our own individual way. Even more deeply, this connection reveals our unique “soul design” and helps us to follow our higher destiny. This original vision of the chakra system not only enables an individual realization of our unique meaning and happiness, but can also increase harmony and cooperation in human relationships, and establish healthier organizations, teamwork and even world-peace.


Shai Tubali, chakra expert, spiritual teacher, authority in the field of Kundalini and the subtle body system, developed this principle as a result of 18 years of studies and expertise in the fields of Eastern thought and Yoga traditions. He lives in Berlin where he runs a school for spiritual development and holds seminars, trainings, satsangs, and retreats. Since 2000 he has worked with people from around the world, accompanying them on their spiritual path. He has written 20 books on spirituality and self-development, including Wake Up, World, a bestseller in Israel, and The Seven Wisdoms of Life, winner of the USA Best Books Award and finalist for the Book of the Year Award. Book signing of his new book The Seven Chakra Personality Types.

Website: shaitubali.com/en/home/  


Advances in Reincarnation Research

Walter Semkiw MD
Friday, October 19  7pm

Fee: $20 cash at the door

Walter Semkiv MD photoDr. Semkiw will present the latest evidence of reincarnation, focusing on the work of Ian Stevenson, MD of the University of Virginia. Independently researched cases show that facial features, personality traits, talents & passions can remain consistent from lifetime to lifetime. Xenoglossy cases researched by Dr. Stevenson show that personality is retained intact within the soul following death and a twin study demonstrates that we plan lifetimes so that we are reunited with loved ones through reincarnation.


In addition, Dr. Semkiw will discuss his work with Kevin Ryerson, a world-famous trance medium. Kevin channels a spirit guide named Ahtun Re who has demonstrated the ability to make accurate reincarnation matches. Past life cases that will be presented include those of Institute of Noetic Science leaders Edgar Mitchell and Dean Radin.

Walter is a medical doctor and the author of Born Again: Reincarnation Cases Involving Evidence of Past lives, with Xenoglossy Cases Researched by Ian Stevenson MD, Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited and Origin of the Soul and the Purpose of Reincarnation. His books have been published internationally and Walter has appeared on CNN and in Newsweek. He is the President of ReincarnationResearch.com.

Email: walter@reincarnationresearh.com
Website: reincarnationresearch.com  


Brain Balancing Music, Sound Healing and Mindful Meditation

Steven Halpern
Friday, December 7  7pm

Fee: $20 cash at the door

Steven HalpernDiscover how to use sound and music as a spiritual technology to enhance your meditation, self-healing, inner peace and to support optimal well-being.

Join Grammy nominated recording artist/composer/researcher Steven Halpern for his informative, insightful and entertaining perspectives on sound, stress and spirituality. You’ll discover how certain sounds and music create subliminal stress states. You’ll also learn how to choose and use time-tested strategies and the latest breakthroughs in orchestrating your genes and DNA with sound and music.


For instance, did you know why most music is a distraction keeping you from a deeper meditation state? Or why other music can keep you up at night?

Learn how to tune in to your ‘human instrument’ (body, mind and spirit) with “Chakra Suite,” shift gears and get into an alpha or theta brainwave state within seconds (especially recommended for those with adult ADD or Type-A personalities.) Coaching on using your voice for toning, and making your own DIY subliminal affirmation soundtracks will also be shared.

Prepare for an enjoyable and uplifting evening. Steven’s CDs will be available at a special discount.

Steven Halpern is an internationally acclaimed musician, pioneering sound healer, researcher, author and educator. The Los Angeles Times acknowledges him as ‘a founding father of New Age music’. Currently celebrating the 42nd anniversary of his first release in 1975, he continues to record music that serves the highest and best in his audiences.

Website: stevenhalpern.com  


2019 Events

The Holotope: Discover where Science, Art and the Sacred Meet

Kirby Seid
Friday, January 18  7pm

Fee: $20 cash at the door

photo of Kirby Seid

Achieving transcendent states through sensory feedback — the alchemy of light, sound, and form; fractals, Sacred Geometry and the 8 dimensions; Biofeedback and The Body-Mind. Join us for a magical journey an Integrative Holotope Experience Meditation. The Holotope is a stunning computer generated geometric artwork of an 8-dimensional object and fractal patterns. This balance of symmetry, color, and projected light generates a complex visual field that allows the viewer to perceive multiple dimensions directly and simultaneously. Sound and music are integrated into the experience which can allow people to commune with higher dimensions of self through resonance alignment.

Bring an idea of what you’d like to discover, or what you’d like to manifest in your life.


Join us on a magical journey into the moment of creation. The Holotope is a stunning computer generated geometric artwork of an 8-dimensional object and fractal Patterns. Each dimension is layered in brilliantly reflective colors. This balance of symmetry, color, and projected light compositions generates a complex visual field that allows the viewer to perceive multiple dimensions directly and simultaneously. Sound and music are integrated into the experience which can allow people to commune with higher dimensions of self through resonance alignment.

Kirby Seid MIM, is committed to understanding and teaching the emerging importance that “crystal/mineral consciousness” is presenting to the evolution of our own human consciousness. His extensive research and work with crystals and stones calls forth the manner into which they have long been integrated into every niche of our history, culture and technology. Kirby has been a student of metaphysics, shamanistic practices, psychology, and music for many years. Holding a BA in Humanistic Psychology from UC Santa Cruz, he began his education by exploring the human psyche. These studies led him to pursue more extensive research in anthropology, sociology, neurobiology, and spirituality with professionals from differing fields and perspectives.

Website: seidcrystals.com   


Open House & Orientation

Wednesday, June 27 2018
Wednesday, August 1 2018

7 to 8:30 pm

Meet faculty and students, experience a guided meditation, and learn detailed information about the Academy curriculum and courses. Our Open House & Orientation is where all your questions are answered.

The next course, Intuition Medicine: Healing I, begins Tuesday, September 11 2018 and attendance at one of these Orientation dates is mandatory for new students. Join us for the Academy Open House & Orientation, and bring your friends!