Upcoming Events at the Academy

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Join us for Friday evening lectures and the occasional weekend workshop.

Unless otherwise noted, events and lectures are $20 cash at the door ($21 if registering online) and go from 7-9pm. Free attendance for children 18 and under.

Please RSVP for each event you plan to attend so we know how much seating to set up for the evening. Some of the one- or two-day events listed you can sign-up and pay for below.

2021 Events

9 Steps to Forgiveness

Fred Luskin PhD
Friday, January 29  7pm

Registration (with prepayment) required for Zoom attendance

*All participants will receive a video link to download the event recording.

Fred Luskin PhD photoJoin us to explore why forgiveness is one of the spiritual virtues that research shows to have emotional, physical, and relationship health benefits. In this event learn the rudiments of Dr. Luskin’s 9-Steps to Forgiveness through lecture and simple guided practice. Understand the mind-body link of positive emotion and have forgiveness be demystified and made accessible. Fred is one of the world’s most recognized forgiveness researchers and teachers. His work has been applied in Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, the World Trade Center, and Native Arctic Canada.


Dr. Luskin is the director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects, a senior consultant in health promotion at Stanford University, and a professor at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, as well as an affiliate faculty member of the Greater Good Science Center. He is the author of Forgive for Good: A Proven Prescription for Health and Happiness (HarperSanFrancisco, 2001) and Stress-Free for Good: Ten Proven Life Skills for Health and Happiness (HarperSanFrancisco, 2005), with Kenneth Pelletier, Ph.D.

Website: learningtoforgive.com/  


Regenerate Your Brain: A Breakthrough Plan to Restore Your Brilliant Mind

Dr. Jacqueline Chan DO, MIM
Friday, June 22  7pm

Registration (with prepayment) required for Zoom attendance (registration enabled soon)

*All participants will receive a video link to download the event recording.

Dr. Jacqueline Chan DO, MIM photoYou may be suffering from an anxious mood, persistent distress, agitation, an inability to focus, insomnia, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or you simply may have lost your mojo. Worse yet, someone in your family may have dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, autism, mental illness, an addiction, or has suffered a concussion and never been the same. Amidst the explosion of new discoveries in neuroscience and our exposure to unprecedented volumes of information, a silent tragedy is occurring. After working with hundreds of patients over the course of twenty-five years, Dr.Chan is convinced that the ultimate path to harnessing the maximum capacity for our brain’s remodeling needs to be an inclusive, whole approach. Fortunately, what’s good for the brain is good for your entire body.


Through the practical, evidence-based wellness strategies in Regenerate Your Brain you can learn how to:

  • Nourish your brain for optimal mood and focus
  • Increase the hormones that lead to happiness and sprout new nerves for memory
  • Cool the inflammation in your brain
  • Heal the gut/brain axis
  • Address toxins and detoxification
  • Boost your mitochondria
  • Engage in neuro-regenerative practices to build new neural pathways
  • Heal from the effects of emotional and physical trauma on the brain
  • Deeply rest your mind for renewal

The good news is your brain can regenerate new tissue and develop pathways for creativity, ingenuity, joy, and resilience.

Website: regenerateyourbrainbook.com  


Open House & Orientation (In-Person or via Zoom)

In-Person or via Zoom
Wednesday, June 16 2021
Wednesday, Aug 4 2021

7:00 to 8:30 pm PST

RSVP required. Specify attendance via Zoom or In-Person (Zoom info will be provided after RSVP).

Meet faculty and students, experience a guided meditation, and learn detailed information about the Academy curriculum and courses. Our Open House & Orientation is where all your questions are answered.

The next course, Intuition Medicine: Healing I, begins Thursday, September 9 2021 and attendance at one of these Orientation dates is mandatory for new students. Join us for the Academy Open House & Orientation, and bring your friends!

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*These take place four times each year: usually July, August, October, and November.